Priority Products

Priority is the integrated business management system in use by industrial, commercial and public utilities. Priority is the ERP solution of choice in the Israeli  market, and is currently in use by more than 7,000 organizations in Israel as well as in 40 other countries in a range of sectors, including: service, retail, e-commerce, marketing, electronics, manufacturing, food service and hospitality, construction and building materials, import/export, and more.

Priority is particularly attractive for companies that are still growing, as it’s built from the ground up with the ability to easily grow with your business. Priority can be deployed internationally, has a multi-language user interface, built-in support for multiple tax jurisdictions, and additional modules are available to satisfy your growing business needs; all this and more, wrapped up in one complete system.

The architecture and technology on which Priority is built propel it to first place when compared to other ERP solutions. And, we never rest on our laurels. We’re constantly expanding Priority‘s capabilities, on a quest to deliver the most comprehensive ERP solution possible, while maintaining the ease of use that our customers have come to appreciate.

Priority‘s modules are completely integrated, providing a seamless and consistent user experience, while supporting the entire spectrum of business processes, including advanced user tools with an emphasis on data control and management.


We offer different products to meet the requirements of various types of companies and industries:

Priority Enterprise

Excellent ROI for large, multi-national companies

Priority Pro

A comprehensive, powerful solution for medium to large sized companies – handling all aspects of business operations including finance, logistics and HR

Priority Zoom

The perfect solution for small companies. A simple, quickly deployed solution to manage financials, CRM and more

Priority Time & Attendance

An innovative solution that enables the management of employee time and attendance from anywhere using any device; fully integrated with Priority ERP, using a single database and enabling accurate profitability and project analysis.

 Cloud ERP

All Priority products are available both on premise and in a SaaS model on our cloud platform.