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Help T & F support food safety and quality, from the distribution center to the customer’s door, on time and on budget.

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The Results

T & F now benefit from real-time sales order management, reliable tracking and traceability, and real-time visibility of raw materials and inventory.

T & F All States supports the Hospitality & Food Services industry in greater Sydney and New South Wales, supplying customers with fresh and prepared pack-to-order fruits and vegetables.
In keeping with their mission statement, "Your connection to freshness," T & F have earned their reputation for excellence, delivering organically-grown fruits and vegetables to hotels, convention centers, restaurants and clubs, government organizations, national health services, food manufacturers, passenger
and commercial shipping lines, airlines, schools, and more.

“Our business processes are smarter – categorized products, seamless stock control, and fast delivery to our customers." Arthur Zinopoulos, T&F All State Business and Administration Manager





After years in the fresh produce distribution industry, it was clear to T & F that to maintain a competitive edge, they had to invest in a strong and reliable business management solution. In the food and beverage sector, the heart of the business is to support what matters most – food safety and quality. This means reliable tracking and traceability, raw materials and inventory visibility, and managing perishable produce a limited shelf-life.

Stock control and inventory management were at the top of T & F's list of "must haves" when shopping around for a viable solution. "What's more, with a tremendous number of line items and a fully-stocked warehouse, we knew we needed a real top-of-the-line ERP system," said T & F All State Business and  administration Manager, Arthur Zinopoulos. We also knew that our current mix of in-house systems could no longer keep up with our growing business. Plus, we needed better control of our back oĆce activities and our entire distribution workflow, including trucks, delivery schedules, and even monitoring
drivers' hours and routes.


T & F got on board with long time Priority business partner, Cincom Australia, implementing Priority ERP to manage their entire business operations, from warehouse to table.
"Priority ERP gave us the operational tools we always knew we were missing, and we really appreciated the smooth on-boarding process, fast implementation and employee training by Cincom's project management team,” said Zinopoulos.


Smooth On-Boarding Process - fast implementation and employee training by Cincom's project management team.
Entire Workflow Support - including forecast and demand planning, production planning and scheduling, shelf-life and seasonality management, and inventory and supply chain management.
Built-in Reporting & Analytics - easy data access at any stage in the process, such as accepting orders as late as 5:00am through 1:00am the following day, and have those orders dispatched on time, the very next day.
Accelerated Lead Times - can now guarantee delivery time. Operational Cost Reduction - a real bird's eye view of their workflow, from inventory to final product and distribution. With real-time data at our fingertips, T & F are able to make business decisions backed by reliable information and metrics.
“We can look at actual events and analyse trends and customer buyer behavior. For instance, when an unknown customer faxed an order at night requesting next day shipment, with Priority, we could pinpoint actual trends, identify the customer, process the order, and get it shipped to them in Canberra the next morning. That's pretty awesome!"

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