RMC recommends Priority as a true, cost-effective solution with an affordable TCO

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Help RMC manage their inventory of hundreds of line items, and all financials and accounting processes, including contract invoicing.

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RMC replaced their legacy ERP with Priority, quickly onboarding the system, and today, use Priority to handle the company's key financial tasks

Dedicated to the 3 P's of Sustainability (People, Planet and Profit), Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) provides sustainable water management programs that are green, financially viable, and add measurable social value for both the user, and their community. 

With its headquarters, manufacturing and training facility in Wales, RMC has been a leader in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry since 1888, and since 1996, operate as a water and wastewater treatment provider, serving customers throughout the UK and Ireland. RMC provides sustainability programs for the food and beverage industry, including food safety cleaning and sanitizing, institutional cleaning products, and full service cleaning, chlorination and hygiene programs. To help customers improve their current processes, save on resources and ultimately become more sustainable, RMC projects include increased heat transfer efficiency, reduced water use, safer chemicals to handle, and improved wastewater treatment programs. 

"Implementing Priority, we couldn't believe just how fast and easy system on-boarding was." Pauline Roberts, Business Director at RMC





“The old system in use for 15 years, could no longer keep up with our needs, nor customer demands,” said Pauline Roberts, Business Director at RMC. “We're in a highly competitive business. Sustainability is a dynamic global industry, and we couldn't afford to be left behind." Added Roberts, "We needed a system that could provide cost control for our business and annual service contracts."

RMC were keen on implementing an ERP system that would handle stock control, assembly and financial accounting, including contract invoicing, with easy implementation and a short learning curve for new users. After a Priority ERP demo by ABS Limited, Priority's authorized partner in the UK, RMC were sold, and the ABS project team got to work. "We were overwhelmed at how quick and easy the onboarding was," said Roberts. "The implementation process was professionally managed by ABS, employees from the accounting department, sales, and those responsible for RMC's extensive inventory, reported that "Priority was easy to use, fast, and exceptionally intuitive." 


RMC manage their operations under one roof. Their Wales headquarters also includes a manufacturing plant, and a training facility for RMC customers. As the company expanded – in manpower, production lines and shop floor machinery and resources, RMC's management team were ready to upgrade, and replace their current ERP with a more advanced system that could handle the load. 


RMC employees were quick to comment on Priority ERP’s benefits, especially the system’s built-in Search functionality that enables users to search on any field with multiple search criteria, and the ability to personalize Priority screens – user-customized, without the need for programming skills. "This is a tremendous plus – real added-value," said Roberts. Our employees can now tailor their screens to reflect our company's terminology, giving users fast and easy access to the fields they need. In Priority, all fields are searchable and specific queries can be saved with default queries, which open when corresponding documents are opened."

RMC now benefit from Priority's built-in BPM, with valuable business rules and built-in data generator to automate, optimize and manage their business processes. Priority’s BPM allows users to design the system to meet the company's internal procedures and authorization rules, and more important, to help ensure that rules and regulations are adhered to. Based on Priority's business rules, any anomalies are immediately reported to company management via the system. 

"In a very short time, Priority has proven to be a true, cost-effective solution with an affordable total cost of ownership. We've increased our overall efficiency by 20% and that's an impressive figure in our industry." Would she recommend Priority ERP to other sustainability product and services providers? "Yes, in a flash!" she replied.

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