Priority partners with NPO Systems to provide a simplified Human Operations Management and Execution solution

08 Mar, 2022


Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of business management solutions, announced the expansion of its technology partners network, signing an agreement with NPO Systems, provider of Next Plus, an MES and Human Operations Management platform for Human Performance in Manufacturing and Maintenance operations.

As part of the technology partnership, Next Plus is integrated into Priority to provide users with advanced solutions to support substantial human-centered operations in industrial environments, reduce training and operational costs, minimize human errors, and create digital workflows, processes, and procedures. 

Next Plus provides operators, engineers, and managers with improved communications and increased throughput, unified critical data, and connected business processes across operations, quality control, Inventory, and maintenance, empowering production facilities with enhanced, centralized, digital work instructions and real-time visibility over the operational manufacturing Performance. 

Next Plus' advanced analytics, actionable insights, and real-time process control allow priority users to obtain real-time governance over factory performance, connecting the factory with a single thread of critical data accessible at the shop floor level and throughout the enterprise.

Next Plus allows operators, shift supervisors, engineers, and managers to improve communications, unify critical data, and connect business processes across operations, quality control, Inventory, and maintenance personnel. E.g., overseeing the execution of production orders from order release to finished goods, ensuring production according to quality requirements.

“After years of seeing Priority as a leading ERP solution in our target markets, while understanding the fundamental values of how the two systems working together can benefit our customers, we are incredibly excited to join the Priority ecosystem. I am sure that our joint users will gain great value from this synergy.”,  said Asaf Cohen, CEO, Next Plus. 
Gil Michaeli, Global Alliances Director at Priority Software, said, "We are pleased to welcome in the new year with a new technology partner, with NPO Systems' Next Plus Platform available for Priority manufacturing users, I am confident it will enhance the user experience and give them value-added functionality they need to fuel their shopfloor processes."
About NPO Systems
NPO Systemsis a user-centric company ,  developing the Next Plus platform. Next plus started as a spinoff from a services company that catered to manufacturing and heavy maintenance organizations.
The founders' love for technical challenges, manufacturing, and humans, combined with deep know-how in the relevant industries, pushes NPO Systems to create products, systems, and platforms that grow from within - providing tools with the users always in mind.

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