Corporate Social Responsibility

With “Priority Gives Back,” we aim to positively impact the workplace, the marketplace, the environment and the community. A Priority employee initiative, Priority Gives Back is an on-going campaign, embodying the spirit of our Corporate Responsibility, where actions come alive in a variety of charitable activities and events throughout the year.

At Priority, we consider our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities as a contribution to our local communities and citizens. In Priority offices around the globe, our employees support local charities, schools, and hospitals, by volunteering their time and their professional skills, to help those in need.

Priority’s company-wide CSR initiatives focus on three key areas where we believe we can make the most difference – Community, Education, and Environment.

Community-wide employee volunteer program


“Priority Gives Back” is our community-wide employee volunteer program. Entirely locally driven, this dedicated program allows our employees to support causes close to them, and to become involved in their communities. Priority, our subsidiary offices, and our employees worldwide, believe integrating responsible business practices into all of our operations, not just by words and statements, but also with deeds.


Priority supports a range of community initiatives through cash donations, gifts, and charitable sponsorships. We demonstrate our community spirit year-round, by volunteering and addressing the needs of children and families in need. This is achieved through packing and distributing holiday gift baskets, hosting costume parties with entertainment – all by Priority employees, at local children’s hospitals, volunteer house painting for the aged and underprivileged, and picking and packing fruit and vegetables at local farms, and delivering fresh produce to families in need before the holidays.




Eco-friendly & sustainable global offices


When it comes to environmental CSR practices, Priority offices and employees around the globe are committed to reducing energy consumption and waste, with eco-friendly office policies and procedures. Priority ERP software, not only helps our customers better manage and control their business processes, it significantly reduces paper consumption, and sharing printed documents between employees, teams, and departments – as all business data and documentation is easily viewed/accessed online, directly from the Priority system.


To help lower the carbon footprint, and help reduce the damaging effects on the environment, all Priority offices adhere to energy efficiency measures, helping to make a difference in the workplace, and in the long run, in the world. We take pride in our efforts to save on energy and resource consumption, by actively switching off lights and equipment when not in use, limit the use of water, and reduce the amount of paper waste. Priority offices include a recycling program for paper, plastic, and glass, while all Priority-owned employee automobiles are hybrid/semi-hybrid, reducing fuel consumption, and CO2 emission.




High school student training workshops


At Priority, our mission is clear: To support future generations of industry professionals, educate and empower high school students and soon to be graduates, with the tools they need to enter the fast-paced hi-tech and IT workforce. “Education First!” - our high school training workshop program, is led by Priority employees, who volunteer their time and share their expertise in programming, digital marketing, project management, and more, with a focus on the future of ERP business management solutions. Workshops include industry overviews, skills students need to land their first job, what and where they should study – recommendations for colleges, universities, and courses, Priority product demos, the power of advanced cloud and mobile technology, and more.


To further support our Education First! program, Priority donates hardware and software to families in need. More recently, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Priority Belgium, in cooperation with the City of Pelt, donated laptops to local families, to help support school children's remote learning from home. Johan Pintens, Managing Director, Priority Belgium, said best, "We're all in this together. Priority is proud to give back, and help support our community and its children, our most valuable asset."