Priority partners with CommBox to provide advanced intelligent communication solutions for live and automated customer interactions.

30 Nov, 2021

Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of business management solutions, announced the expansion of its ISV network, signing a technology collaboration with CommBox, a leading provider of advanced omnichannel communication platforms.

This new partnership will equip Priority users around the globe with smart and automated tools to interact with their customers and to easily and rapidly launch new communication channels, enabling a holistic and unified customer experience.

CommBox develops next-generation omnichannel communication platforms that enhances customer experience and empowers digital service, support, and sales teams.
CommBox delivers a comprehensive range of solutions designed to help brands enhance the customer experience and automate the customer journey with the help of a unique, human-like AI.

As part of the technology collaboration agreement, CommBox developed a ready-to-use connector between the CommBox platforms and Priority ERP, allowing Priority users to automate business procesess and drive consistent customer engagement across multiple channels.
From chatbots, email, SMS, and WhatsApp to Messenger, video, voice, or social media, the combination of CommBox technology and Priority ERP, enables Priority uers to capture and record all correspondences, automatically open service calls and tasks via various communication channels, and send automated emails to clients.

Gil Michaeli, Global Alliances Director at Priority Software, said, “We are pleased to welcome CommBox to our growing partner network and to offer a unique customer nurturing solution to all Priority customers. We trust that our combined pre-integrated solution, can help businesses to more effectively interact with their clients, streamline and shorten sales cycles and reduce operational overheads.”

Eli Israelov, Co-Founder & CEO at CommBox added “CommBox's integration with Priority is natural and enables Priority users to enjoy next-level automated customer communication through messaging, social media platforms, voice, and more. CommBox's omnichannel communication solution allows Priority users to improve their customer service while remaining cost-effective"

About CommBox:
CommBox (formerly BumpYard) was founded in 2013 and since has developed the next-generation omnichannel communication platform and customer relationship software that enhances customer experience and leads digital service, support and sales teams to success. CommBox’s mission is to help companies move to digital and automated customer communication at scale.

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