Priority announces new product localization for Germany

03 Jul, 2020

New localization package enables customers to maximize Priority ERP for businesses in Germany and full compliance with local tax laws and banking regulations

Tel Aviv District, July 1, 2020 – Priority Software Ltd., a leading global provider of business management solutions, today announced its newest product localization package for Germany, with Priority ERP software translated into German, and fully compliant with local tax and government regulations. This initiative enables a significantly easier implementation process for Priority’s global customers with operations in Germany, and for German customers with foreign branches, to fully utilize and benefit from Priority’s standard system functionality.

To enable its customers to grow their business on a global scale, Priority supports localization in close to 20 countries. The new German localization is an integral part of Priority’s consistent growth strategy, and in keeping with the company’s continued expansion into Western Europe, including Belgium, France, Portugal, and other countries in the region.

To achieve certification and comply with Germany’s federal tax laws and banking regulations, Priority deployed the services of one of Germany’s leading accounting firms to ensure a streamlined certification and compliance process. After meeting stringent auditing requirements, Priority ERP is now certified with Germany’s IDW PS 880, in full accordance with local accounting system standards.

With the new German localization, new or existing Priority customers will be able to optimize Priority ERP for business in Germany and with German customers, comply with local tax reporting, and enjoy bank payment features, including Tax Reporting - German VAT (BwH), GoBD, eBilanz extract, and export to DATEV, to transfer financial data export, and Bank Payments - SEPA, to simplify bank transfers in Euro; European DATZV, for transactions in foreign currency, and the commonly used MT940 bank statement format, to easily upload bank statements

A leading ERP solution provider, Priority Software thrives on innovation, delivering the tools and functionality to meet its customers’ unique needs, including product localizations, and product enhancements, all in response to customer demands. Priority’s cloud and mobile ERP applications are powered by the system’s flexibility and openness, supported by a suite of robust mobility tools. Priority supports operational business processes and workflows by delivering the necessary tools to achieve this flexibility, including Business Process Management (BPM), mobile application generator, user-level personalization, business rules generator, and more.

“Priority’s product localization package for Germany will help local companies maximize the power of Priority ERP. It is a further testament to our customers that we build solutions to address their immediate needs,” said Keren Sherer-Taiber, VP Product Management at Priority Software. “We are proud to deliver our German localization to ensure Priority’s local tax compliance, unify the system’s processes, business rules, and financial reporting, and in turn, help our customers to expand their operations, and grow their business.”