Priority's New V22.0 Release introduces new AI-Based Features.

02 May, 2022

 The new version offers new and advanced customization, personalization, and automation AI based features, alongside many enhancements to the financials and logistics modules, extended abilities for multi-company organizations, new localization, and more.


V22.0 offers a new experience through advanced customization and personalization capabilities and enhanced business process automation, delivering a stronger fit to organizations’ and users' unique needs and requirements.

V22.0's new customization features introduce a dedicated "System Onboarding Survey," enabling automatic system configuration based on organizational needs, ultimately delivering tailor-made, industry-configured solution suites with intelligent business learning for best practice optimization. 

Priority V22.0 also offers new personalization tools to enhance user experience and create a unique workspace according to industry best-practices and users’ personal preferences.  Features include AI recommendations to enable personal workflow automation, display views, and shortcuts by reoccurring work patterns to streamline tasks and activities. 

An additional new feature is the automation hub that includes an embedded RPA and allows for intelligent workflows, such as automation of recurring tasks, setting autofill rules, and cross-form macro activities, to deliver higher performance by reducing operational expenses, eliminating human error, and improving employee productivity and satisfaction. 

Priority V22.0 includes ongoing enhancements to various modules, such as new features in logistics, WMS, and Financials modules, including a new user experience for partial reconciliations and expansion of the Revenue Recognition and Payments modules.  

"Priority's V22.0 is our innovative answer to our customers' imminent, growing need for flexible, customizable, and automated business processes to increase business efficiency and productivity, to keep pace with the ever-changing business landscape, and maintain a competitive advantage." States Keren Sherer-Taiber, VP of Product Management at Priority.