Unveiling (the magic of) Priority’s new Web SDK

priority's new web SDK

In our last post, we talked about our new Mobile Application Generator and told you a thing or two about how easy it is to now build pretty awesome customer apps in just three super quick steps. While we are extremely proud of this new Priority feature, it’s possible that we’re even prouder of the technology that makes it all possible – and that’s Priority’s new Web Software Development Toolkit – SDK.

How did our web SDK evolve?

Although we’ve already made great strides towards increasing system openness with the introduction of our REST API, we quickly realized that it just wasn’t enough. REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architecture style for designing network apps and API ( Application Program Interface) is a set of app building tools. In this case, however, the API is ideal for accessing and modifying data, but it does not leverage the vast amounts of business logic included in the Priority ERP system with programs and reports. Simply put, Priority’s new Web SDK is here to fix that.

JavaScript developers… here we come!

The Web SDK allows developers to easily build apps for web and mobile devices that connect directly to Priority. Designed for developers looking to leverage additional capabilities and embed external components, you can now edit code for your own benefit in specific use cases. This means that any web developer can now build apps that use Priority as the back-end. Virtually anything you can do in Priority’s standard interface, you can now also do via apps built with the SDK.

Our Web SDK will be released as a standard JavaScript Library. Why JavaScript? Because it’s one of the most popular programming languages in the world and we wanted to make it accessible to the widest developer community out there. We want as many developers as possible to join in on the fun of creating awesome new apps for Priority!

So what can you build with this web SDK?

Here are just a few suggestions to whet your appetite (but the possibilities are pretty much endless!):

  • A mobile app where employees can record project hour reports remotely, while they’re working at a customer site
  • An app for warehouse employees to report the completion of warehouse tasks and inventory counts on-the-fly
  • A web app that allows a purchasing manager to review critical information of new requisitions and purchase orders, and approve or reject them with the click of a button!

Alongside the new Web SDK, we’re also proud to unveil Priority’s new Developer Portal. It’s here that you can find regularly updated documentation, tutorials and other useful info that will help developers extend and expand Priority’s functionality. And we’re busy adding more content all the time.

Feedback is a super important part of our development process. We welcome your questions and comments below.

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Chanamel Ungar
Documentation Manager

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