May. 27, 2022

Why Invest in A Highly Customizable ERP System?

Ziv Benzvi

Why Invest in A Highly Customizable ERP System?

A One-Size ERP Solution Doesn't Fit All

An ERP system is a vital part of any successful organization's operations; however, no two businesses are alike.

When it comes to business management systems, one size cannot fit all.

In many cases, operational differences determine the distinct competitive advantage of an organization.

An ERP is a complex system designed to operate at different levels and cater to diverse business sectors. ERP benefits are often only uncovered when the system is tailored to suit specific yet dynamic business needs.

Now more than ever, today's organizations are characterized by their unique flavors and nuances. A customized ERP is a system designed with tremendous flexibility capabilities that allow you to deliver modules that perfectly fit your processes.

If that's not enough, let's take a quick look at additional reasons why a customizable ERP is a system you would actually want to use. 

No forced business flows alterations.

Traditional ERP solutions often require drastic changes to an organization's business flow. In contrast, customizable ERP solutions can be tailor-made to ensure that an organization's workflow or business process remains unchanged. Customizable workflows, reports, and processes Reduced learning curve, easy adoption, minimal impact on business flow, and massive productivity boost. Another "side bonus" is that it offers a non-intrusive approach towards automation, now and in the future.

Focus on agility and scalability

Customizable ERP solutions are made to fit every business's unique requirements. As a result, smaller businesses don't have to commit to implementing unnecessary modules, whereas larger ones do not have to feel limited by template-based ERPs.

Organizations can scale down or up according to their dynamic requirements using open, scalable, and easily customizable systems - this is particularly important for growing businesses or larger organizations seeking to scale down their operations.

Perfect for niche businesses and industry verticals

As mentioned, all businesses are different. The requirements of a SaaS company vastly differ from that of a manufacturing company. If we were to talk about healthcare organizations, NGOs, eCommerce websites, and retailers, template-based ERP systems SIMPLY wouldn't do and will often end up draining an organization's resources for no justifiable reason.

Easier to integrate with third-party services

An ERP that allows you the freedom to integrate with any third-party application of your choice is crucial for technological independence. A customizable ERP enables you to have greater control over development, allowing your IT team to make crucial decisions that have business and technical implications during customization. With easy integrations, you can customize your ERP to do anything you want. Whether your team operates from home, in the field, or on-site, a customizable ERP opens doors you previously didn't know existed.

Access to smarter business insights

Your business insights may be irrelevant if your ERP pulls in unrelated data to make accurate predictions. A customized ERP pulls in data that matters to you and generates reports that are accurate and to the point. In addition, a customized ERP can be configured to integrate 3rd party data to provide a unified and updated database, delivering access to smart, valuable business insights relevant in the longer term.

Customizable ERP is the future.

A template-based, traditional ERP can be severely limiting. Most businesses vary in their workflow and operations. With a focus on agility and scalability, smaller companies can set up the modules they need and eliminate the rest while also reducing the burden on their internal IT departments.

With smarter business insights and greater control over productivity, businesses can easily focus on driving growth and enhancing revenue. Customizable ERP solutions offer access to APIs and deliver the ability to integrate niche third-party solutions that allow companies to easily add or remove niche features to their ERP solutions and have greater control over both development & implementation.

The Author

Ziv Benzvi

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) - Priority Software

Ziv stepped into Priority as the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in 2022, overseeing the company's global business operations. With a rich international background, he has spent over 16 years in the US, India, and Thailand. Prior to joining Priority, Ziv held senior leadership roles at Ex Libris (NASDAQ: CLVT) and NICE Systems (NASDAQ: NICE), as well as various sales management positions at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Additionally, Ziv is a former certified attorney with a law degree from the University of Newcastle, England.