The Merits of Mobile ERP: What You Need to Know


Although mobile ERP has been around for some time now, company managers and decision-makers often wonder if mobile ERP applications compare to the more familiar and traditional versions of ERP initially developed for desktops.

Mobile ERP solutions are equipped with numerous advantages when compared to their desktop-only counterparts. Despite the fact that ERP systems are inherently complex and require a lot of stringent planning prior to implementation, mobile ERP solutions offer system features on any mobile device or tablet, enabling users to “carry their business with them,” from anywhere, at any time.

Let’s take a look at the six key benefits of mobile ERP.

Desktop features on mobile devices & tablets

ERP tools are complex and often cumbersome, but advances in mobile technology have made it possible to bring system-level functionality to mobile devices and tablets, essentially putting the power of your ERP system in the palm of your hand. Advanced ERP systems with robust mobile tools enable full system functionality that one can expect to use on a desktop, an on-premise ERP, to be easily accessed from a mobile device. The ability to access ERP anywhere, anytime, makes up for any reduced ergonomics of using ERP on a smaller keyboard and screen, aka, your smartphone.

Ideal for remote working

Mobile ERP has fast become a necessary tool for employees now working from home, in addition to off-site, at client locations, or anywhere around the globe. It’s an efficient tool for the reams of field technicians and sales teams who can access operational, customer, product and parts information, and more, on-the-go. That means real-time access and visibility of your business operations anywhere, and at any time, including real-time access to customer and sales data and documentation, tracking sales rep routes, following sales teams’ daily schedules, and more. An always-on mobile application, mobile ERP is designed to meet the needs of today’s always-moving workforce.

Data beyond the small screen

Today, even the most basic mobile devices are equipped with advanced, high-resolution cameras and GPS technology. Thanks to these and other innovative multimedia and location information features, your mobile ERP application can receive and take photos, detect locations, and even shoot videos. As a result, your business data will be enriched with various types of content options that are simply not possible from on-premise ERP systems. What’s more, mobile ERP enhances communication on-the-go via standard text, chat-like communications, and audio and video calls.

Real-time synchronization

Mobile ERP applications are automatically synced in the system, and changes made in the mobile app are immediately updated in real-time. Although your employees may work from home or from a location on the opposite side of the globe, all data gets synchronized, eliminating the need to enter data in systems at your business location. As a result, a standard set of data in your central database gets updated with the latest information as and when changes are made by your remote or off-site employees. Most important, all changes made to the data are recorded, so that they can be tracked and monitored.

Multi-device compatibility

Mobile ERP is designed to work well on all types of mobile devices and tablets. The most commonly supported operating systems are Android and iOS. However, some mobile ERP applications may offer Windows compatibility as well. In addition, any well-thought-out mobile ERP is built with a web-based HTML 5 UI, so it can be easily accessed from various mobile devices, adjusting itself to different screen sizes.

Mobile-specific functionality

Certain ERP features are more appropriate and as such, better suited for a mobile platform, simply because mobile devices are not stationary. Today, with mobile ERP applications, it’s immensely easy to receive proof of delivery from customers, update service requests while at a client location, collect payments, and even issue receipts on-the-go. Employees can also track their time and attendance while working from home or remotely. Again, all of this data is synced in real-time, and can be accessed by company managers or other users with the required permissions level.

Mobile ERP is what every business needs

From startups to large enterprises, mobile ERP is an effective way to maintain your business continuity on-the-go. What’s more, mobile ERP enables your employees to improve the quality of service to your customers with “always available” access to real-time information. Having information at their fingertips, helps mobile employees enhance customer relationships, and improve response times. When all is said and done, the ability to deliver real-time information on-the-spot, helps organizations drive their business forward, and give them a real competitive edge.

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The Author
Efrat Nakibly
Director of Consulting, Priority Software U.S.

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