Equipment Rental ERP

Improve efficiency with real-time tracking.

Optimize work processes and boost efficiency with real-time tracking of equipment location, condition and availability.

Equipment Rental Erp

Enhance efficiency and transparency with comprehensive equipment rental management

Simplify and streamline your equipment rental processes with an automated, comprehensive, real-time view of your entire rental inventory. From pricing and charges, to planning, tracking, reservations, supply, and returns, Priority’s Equipment Rental solution ensures on-time delivery and full transparency.

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Priority’s equipment rental solution maximizes management efficiency

Full View

Gain a comprehensive view of your equipment booking and reservations


Streamline work processes and save time and resources with automation


Bill customers accurately and efficiently with just a click of a button, avoiding errors and reducing manual labor

Analytics And Bi

Access real-time reports, analytics, and insights to inform smarter business decisions

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Key features

Availability & reservations
Robust pricing
Automated operations
Smart billing algorithm

Availability & reservations

Streamline your equipment rental processes with a clear and intuitive graphic interface, giving you complete visibility of your equipment availability and reservations. Optimize your rental utilization to meet your customers’ dynamic needs, ensuring increased customer satisfaction. Benefit from real-time data and analytics to make informed decisions and improve your business efficiency.

Availability &Amp; Reservations

Robust pricing

Offer flexible pricing options for rentals, including per day, week, month, and more, to accommodate various pricing needs. Utilize pre-defined pricelists to avoid underpricing or missing out on a deal.

Robust Pricing

Automated operations

Automate your daily rental operations and easily maintain an accurate inventory. Keep track of delivery, return deadlines, and more to streamline your rental process and never miss a deadline.

Automated Operations

Smart billing algorithm

Reduce billing errors and save time with smart rental billing tools. Easily bill customers for rented equipment and other rental-related costs and combine rental billing with other sales activities. Avoid manual errors and streamline your billing processes for maximum efficiency.

Smart Billing Algorithm


Can I manage package rental deals using equipment rental ERP?

Yes, you can manage package rental deals using equipment rental ERP systems. Many modern equipment rental ERP solutions offer comprehensive functionality to handle package rental deals effectively. These systems typically allow you to create and manage package deals by bundling together various equipment or items with associated pricing and rental terms. You can define package details, such as rental duration, rates, included items, and any special terms and conditions. The ERP system will manage inventory availability, track rental contracts, generate invoices, and facilitate customer interactions related to package rentals. This capability enables equipment rental businesses to offer flexible and attractive package deals to customers, streamline rental operations, and efficiently handle package-related transactions and logistics.

How can equipment rental erp help improve the customer experience?

Equipment rental ERP can significantly improve the customer experience in several ways. Firstly, it enables faster and more efficient order processing and reservation management, ensuring prompt responses to customer inquiries and requests. The system's real-time inventory tracking ensures accurate availability information, preventing overbooking or out-of-stock issues. With integrated customer data, it allows for personalized communication, ensuring customers receive tailored offers and recommendations. The ERP's self-service portal empowers customers to check equipment availability, place orders, and make payments conveniently, enhancing overall satisfaction and convenience. Moreover, ERP's automated invoicing and billing streamline the payment process, reducing delays and errors. Overall, equipment rental ERP simplifies processes, minimizes friction points, and provides a seamless and positive rental experience, leading to higher customer loyalty and retention.

Does equipment rental ERP manage transport and fleets?

Yes, equipment rental ERP systems often include features to manage transport and fleets. These systems facilitate effective transportation management by allowing businesses to schedule and track the movement of equipment to and from customer locations or job sites. ERP systems can manage the logistics of coordinating deliveries and pickups, optimizing routes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, fleet management capabilities help monitor the maintenance schedules and performance of rental equipment vehicles, ensuring they remain in good condition and minimizing downtime. By incorporating transport and fleet management functionalities, equipment rental ERP systems enhance overall operational efficiency, improve customer service with timely deliveries, and provide better control over the entire rental process.

How customizable is the software?

Rental ERP software is generally highly customizable to meet the unique needs of equipment rental businesses. These systems offer a wide range of customization options, such as adding custom data fields, defining workflows, creating tailored reports and dashboards, and configuring user roles and permissions. Rental ERP software can be adapted to fit specific rental processes and industry requirements, making it a flexible solution for various types of rental businesses, including equipment rental, vehicle rental, and more. However, businesses should consider that extensive customization may require additional development and consulting services, so it's essential to assess their specific needs and work closely with the ERP vendor or implementation partner to determine the appropriate level of customization for their organization.

Is equipment rental ERP software scalable?

Yes, equipment rental ERP software is designed to be scalable. Scalability refers to the software's ability to handle an increasing amount of data, users, and transactions as a business grows. Most modern equipment rental ERP solutions are built with scalability in mind, allowing businesses to expand their operations without significant disruptions or the need for a complete system overhaul. These ERP systems can accommodate growing inventories, customer bases, and transaction volumes while maintaining optimal performance. Scalability ensures that the ERP software can adapt to the changing needs and demands of the rental business, making it a viable long-term solution for organizations of various sizes and future growth plans.

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