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Priority Functionality Overview


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Supports wide variety of billing methods, fixed asset capabilities, cash management, cost/ budget control and financial statement generators; full regulatory compliance for 20+ countries

CRM & Sales

Efficiently handles all marketing/sales efforts via a comprehensive customer lifecycle management system; lead/opportunity/account management, sales targets, forecast analysis, marketing campaigns and more


Warehouse optimization, packing/shipping, replenishment, receiving and put-away tasks, traceability, with mobile support, barcode labeling and RFID tags

Supply Chain Management

State-of-the-art production/manufacturing control, inventory control, MRP and purchase planning, vendor relationship management, engineering change orders, delivery scheduling, quality assurance and inter-company transactions

HR & Employee Attendance

Automates, regulates and centralizes HR management to ensure workforce and business goals are aligned; talent management and recruitment lifecycle and unique, integrated employee attendance management system

We're in a highly competitive, fast-paced business, supplying parts and services to engineering based customers. With Priority in charge of our operations, we now deliver projects on time and on budget. This means satisfied customers, thanks to Priority.

Gill Page

Director, Boddingtons Electrical

Priority Benefits

Chosen as 1 of the top 3 Cloud ERP products in the UK, 2016


Priority Software are pioneers in the global ERP market. We empower companies and organizations of all sizes by providing comprehensive, flexible and affordable ERP solutions. With a more accessible alternative to complex and costly solutions, our mission is clear… to make ERP easier

Comprehensive, scalable, flexible and easy to use, Priority ERP is designed for companies of varying sizes, from small to medium businesses, to large, multi-site corporates. We deliver uniquely tailored ERP systems that meet the requirements of our core vertical markets – manufacturing, professional services, retail (including a built-in PoS), health care, construction, automotive, agriculture and more.

Business Process Management 

Interactive workflow mechanism for planning, implementing and enforcing business processes; user-friendly graphical interface easily creates business rules, to-do lists, automatic responses, reminders, display warnings and more

In just 9 months, we implemented Priority in all 5 companies for 250 end-users, including complex inter-company processes, finance, logistics, WMS and a field service module. The project ended-up costing as low as 20% of competitive offers.

Erez Adam


Ethan Boron


We used to transfer system data into standard spreadsheets. It was slow and time-consuming. Since the move to Priority, we're generating fast and accurate reports, saving tens of hours per week in total. Looking back, I certainly could not have predicted the positive impact Priority has made on our business.

Customer Service

Efficiently manages service calls/tickets via a holistic view of each customer; integrated knowledge base, business process management, self-service tools and omni-channel support

Business Intellegence

Accurate, integrated view to monitor organizational behaviors, identify trends and plan ahead; flexible, customized reporting, executive dashboards, business metrics and drill-down functionality

Project Management

Track customer projects and facilitate team collaboration by linking every task/project, email integration/synchronization; resource management, SOW, project-related BOM, Gantt charts, project costing, budgeting and invoicing

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