Priority announced the recent release of Priority ERP Version 17.3. In response to customer requirements, the new version features improvements in UI and in various modules, including Financials and Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

Version highlights include:

  • User Interface: Selecting multiple values as input for procedures/reports is now easier than ever; noted improvements in Choose and Search Lists


  • Finance: Enhanced Journal Entries, such as Splitting Entries by Project; a new Customer Receipt Report Generator, and, for Dual-Currency users, the ability to prepare one receipt for multiple invoices


  • Warehouse Management System (WMS): New functionalities, such as storage recommendations based on Inventory Storage Age/Date Code and Count Frequency per aisle  

Other key enhancements include: Text Messages via Web Service to send text messages as XML messages via a supplier's web service and added support for exporting MS Word documents to macOS.

Want to learn more? View/Download Priority V 17.3 Release Notes.