MedaTech implemented Priority for Arava Export Growers at a cost of NIS two million

The Arava Export Growers project includes development of a special marketing module for the agricultural sector and the launch of an internet portal for farmers, developed by MedaTech

MedaTech Information Technology has recently completed implementation of Priority for Arava Export Growers, a company that deals in export of agricultural produce. At an estimated cost of about NIS two million, the new project boasts a special marketing module for the agricultural sector, as well as a new Internet portal for farmers.

The produce export module aims to provide ERP solutions for work processes involving farmers, packing warehouses, marketers, and local and overseas shipping companies. Moreover, the module enables tracking a shipment from the initial packing stage at the farmer’s facility until the final stage of the shipment’s arrival at the marketer’s facility overseas.
Additionally, an automatic pallet scheduling program was developed for Arava Export Growers according to rules defined by the company, replacing manual scheduling and saving time and resources.
The unique website, developed by MedaTech for farmers, features agricultural information such as crop-yield forecasts, reports, and shipment documents – all at the click of a button.

Hanna Sarel, CEO of MedaTech, said “Our company rose to the challenge and implemented the system by integrating creative solutions that required outside-the-box thinking and unique adjustments for the agricultural sector in general and specifically for Arava Export. As part of the task, MedaTech implemented and trained many system users at remote work sites. The system is already running but we’re continuing to work on new projects with the company such as barcode scanning in flight warehouses, improving work processes with shipping and delivery companies and improving cost monitoring. Great cooperation with the client really contributed to the success of the project.”

Excerpted and translated from PC+, Nov. 23, 2014