An innovative tool designed to quickly and easily develop customized mobile applications that enable employees to access business-critical functions and tasks – at any time and from any location. Now, customers can quickly and easily develop powerful customized mobile apps to drive sales, enhance customer service and increase productivity.

In response to growing demand for mobility within businesses and organizations, the mobile app generator expands Priority's already comprehensive mobile offering for field sales and customer services reps. The new app will provide Priority customers with access to additional processes and functionality in small to medium size organizations, increasing productivity with faster, more efficient approval processes.

Priority's mobile app generator is an exceptionally high-quality, high-standard app that delivers an enhanced user experience:

* With hassle-free backend integration, built-in security and user management, users can write once and run everywhere – no need for porting to devices or OS
* Does not require programming skills and every IT admin can generate an app out of existing flows/processes in Priority in minutes
* Remote and field employees can easily engage with customers where and when it matters most
* Business teams can increase marketing and sales campaigns, enhance customer service and support and make better and quicker business decisions using the app's real-time analytics

For users looking to leverage additional capabilities and embed external components, Priority is also launching the Web/Mobile Software Development Toolkit (SDK):

* Allows developers to edit code for their own benefit in specific use cases
* Released as a standard JavaScript Library, to make it accessible to the widest possible community of developers
* Enables any web developer to build applications that use Priority as the back-end, such as seamlessly designing a geographical map of a company's sales reps

Priority new mobile tools' Beta customer, Electra Ltd., a global provider of multi-faceted construction and infrastructure solutions, were keen to comment on their experience. "As part of our corporate IT strategy, we place tremendous importance on information accessibility in the field,” says Alex Salkovsky, Business Technologies Manager at Electra. "Since we develop our own apps, we sought after a solution that would integrate with our ERP system on the one hand, and offer an intuitive user interface and internal control on the other. Priority's web/mobile SDK and mobile app generator will effectively give us the tools we need – plus, help us save on valuable time and resources."



Both the Mobile App Generator and the Mobile/Web SDK are an integral part of the newly released Priority V18.0. These new tools expand Priority's long-standing mobile offering that includes a responsive HTML5 UI, native applications for tablets and free, downloadable dedicated mobile solutions for both Android and iOS, including Mobile Sales Force, Field Service Technician and Proof of Delivery apps.

 "Although we are fully committed to our continued development of new functionalities, we understand our customers' need for full control and flexibility of their solution," says Priority CEO, Andres Richter. "With over 8,000 Priority customers, the number of use cases organizations may want to implement, is limitless – and we know that we cannot develop all of them. We are therefore investing our efforts and resources in innovative tools and a platform that will enable users to create their own apps and solutions. We are proud to be the first ERP software vendor to provide customers with a tool to create their own mobile app within minutes and without any programming," he adds.