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May. 08, 2022

Priority Partners with Thebee To Provide Priority Users with an Enhanced Customer Relationship Management Solution

Priority Partners with Thebee To Provide Priority Users with an Enhanced Customer Relationship Management Solution

Priority Software announced the expansion of its technology partners network, signing a partnership agreement with TheBee, a provider of Kaveret CRM, a cloud-based customer relationship management software.

As part of the technology partnership, Kaveret CRM is now integrated with Priority to provide users with advanced solutions to support sale cycles and enhance customer service right out of the box.
Kaveret CRM empowers sales teams, customer relation representatives, and operations departments with unified critical data and omnichannel communication solutions to enhance customer experience and satisfaction by allowing them to engage with their customers across all platforms such as social media and WhatsApp.
Kaveret CRM's Omnichannel platform will help users consolidate various lead advertising channels, track pipelines, and distribute information across salespeople, alongside lead-based automatic SMS or email reminders and auto-generated reports, to fully control every sales cycle stage. 
In addition, the Kaveret CRM segmentation module will help users rapidly transform data into dashboards and infographics to quickly illustrate the customer status and lead health, including new customers, cancellation causes, Sales cycle insights, and more.
"We are excited about the fruitful collaboration with Priority, and the groundbreaking integrations that are now available between Priority and Kaveret CRM. These collaborations will streamline the ERP and the CRM operations allowing our customers to enjoy everything in one system. Thus, creating an efficient, convenient, and fast way for sales-driven companies to conduct their business." said ehila Bar CEOVP, Kaveret CRM. 
Gil Michaeli, Global Alliances Director at Priority Software, said, "We are pleased to welcome Kaveret CRM to our technology partners network. With Kaveret CRM Platform available for Priority users, I am confident it will enhance the user experience and give them the value-added functionality they need to fuel their CRM processes."
About TheBee

Established in 2002, TheBee continuously develops advanced, cloud-based CRM solutions for enhanced business administration, better customer care, and improved lead governance. 
TheBee is committed to delivering intuitive, user-friendly software that provides holistic solutions for effective business management.
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