Priority continues to expand its international activities: holds seminar for customers and partners in the UK

May 3, 2015

As part of its latest international expansion, Priority Software held a seminar last week in the UK where it presented its “ERP should be easier” vision to dozens of business partners and potential customers.

According to Efrat Nakibly, VP marketing at Priority, “The seminar, our first one of this kind in the UK, aimed to strengthen ties with customers and new business partners who will be working with us. The event was not only an opportunity to talk to potential customers and introduce the new features of recently launched version 17, which will definitely open doors to local companies, but it was also a chance to listen to the needs of customers and get to know market demands. We strongly emphasize customer focus – in local as well as international markets.”

The UK is considered an interesting target market due to the high level of importance British companies assign to IT and their interest in innovative technological solutions. Priority already has dozens of customers in the UK and three business partners. Among those business partners is Emerge IT, a subsidiary of Medatech. One of its owners, Meir Gabay, also attended the seminar.

Other participants included representatives of IT developers, service providers and companies in the IT sector. Many of the companies attending use other ERP programs and are considering moving to more advanced systems.

Discussions included: newly launched version 17; customer stories; the strategic roadmap; business activities; service; implementation processes; Priority’s development tools; and how to survive an ERP project.

Excerpted and translated from PC+