On the road: Peli Hanamer talks about his visit to Priority Software

This week I visited the offices of Israel’s leading ERP software developer, Priority.

Priority has been in the ERP business for the past 30 years, and leads in the number of local customers – about 7,000 – more than twice the amount of customers than the runner-up company. I was told at the meeting, which included CEO Andres Richter (former VP of Finance and Operations at Ness Israel) and several members of the board of directors, that Priority is in use today in 40 countries, 18 languages and has dozens of partners worldwide. Among its customers are Shamir Optics, Teva, Promedico, Mega Sport, Electra, ESOP Excellence investments and many other companies from a variety of sectors. The company’s solution includes a wealth of modules that deal with all aspects of enterprise management: finances, acquisitions, logistics, project management and HR. According to its developers, it is the only ERP program that offers , payroll and attendance modules as well.

Priority HQ in Tel Aviv

Priority has many partners in Israel that are responsible for marketing and implementing the software. Some are experts in specific markets and offer dedicated solutions for sectors such as retail, contractors or garages. You can feel the fresh spirit brought by the CEO and other senior board members, many of who are new. For example, Guy Richker, VP Sales & Business Partners, was a former manager of software sales at HP Israel. Efrat Nakibly, VP Marketing, held various marketing management positions at global hi-tech companies such as Comverse.

During the past year, the company has been involved with a new and revolutionary user interface that will soon be launched. In the coming year the focus will be on new mobile platforms and expansion of Priority’s activities and presence in Israel and overseas.

During the meeting, we spoke about the role of CIOs in the enterprise and their part in bringing innovation to their organizations – something that can only be achieved by reducing the ongoing maintenance requirements of the organization. This can be done in part by adopting cloud computing and by implementing reliable and convenient systems that allow easy integration of modules and other programs.

Andres Richter, CEO of Priority, says that “ERP should be easier. We meet CIOs that spend up to 90% of their time and budget on maintenance of the company’s IT system. As a result, they have no time for their most important role: implementing new technologies that support company growth. We believe that system managers and their teams should be available for the critical task of technological innovation, and we apply this belief in every aspect of our solution that already exists and will be even more evident in upcoming versions”.

According to Efrat Nakibly, VP of Marketing at Priority, “When planning our products and services, we look ahead to market trends and we consult a lot with our customers. We’re doing that now as well, as we prepare for the launch of our new user interface. We aim to strengthen our work ties with customers and continually improve service and innovation while customizing the software to companies of different sizes and with different needs. Our plans for 2015 include strengthening ties via events and professional seminars”.

Guy Richker, VP Sales & Business Partners: “We owe a large part of our success to our business partners. Priority makes sure to maintain strong relationships with partners via ongoing meetings, training and instruction and collaboration in customer service. CIOs that change companies bring Priority with them and consider us a permanent address for professional advice”.

Peli Hanamer Peled
Excerpted and translated from PC+, November 10, 2014