Special guest on our website: Tal Frankel, CEO of FBC, experts in Priority implementation

Tal Frankel discusses his company’s expertise in ERP programs, points out Priority’s added value in the Israeli market, reviews the implementation methodology that reduces risks throughout the process and presents his credo regarding customer service

Shmuel Merdler: Tal, please give us a short summary of FBC’s activities

Tal Frankel: FBC is an implementer of Priority ERP system and all of its products: Priority Enterprise, Priority Pro and Priority Zoom. The company started out in 1998 and currently employs dozens of skilled employees who serve about 600 customers. Last year, we established a college for Priority studies, where we teach a range of related subjects, from system administration to programming. In addition, we specialize in BI, using QlickView and other BI solutions.

Shmuel: In your opinion, what is Priority’s added value in the Israeli market?

Tal: Based on my knowledge of other ERP systems and 17 years of company experience in Priority, I can sum up two main advantages:
The first is the solution’s broad functionality, which has developed over the years to meet the needs of all aspects of business management. The second is the system’s flexibility, enabling quick customizations using system tools, with technology that gives customers a high ROI and can easily be upgraded to advanced versions. We perform rapid vertical customizations for customers.

Shmuel: How do you ensure that you meet time, quality and budget goals?

Tal: We work according to the Gap Analysis method, which allows us to present the system’s existing functionality to the customer and to examine what further developments are required to bring the system to its full working potential. During Gap Analysis, we simulate the customer’s work processes within the system itself, which reduces misunderstandings between the implementation team and the customer.

Shmuel: What concept of service quality is employed at FBC?

Tal: FBC customers receive a comprehensive service package that frees them from the need to be knowledgeable in the field or to employ various service providers. FBC offers comprehensive services ranging from full cloud hosting, in which the customer pays a set monthly service fee, to on-site development, implementation, integration, and DBA services. Our service response time is defined in the SLA according to the customer’s needs and we constantly work at making it shorter. After monitoring service response, I’m glad to say that actual response times are lower than what we commit to in the SLA.
I would like to emphasize to Priority customers: it is of utmost importance that whoever you hire to implement the system also be responsible for providing support. This ensures that knowledge acquired during all stages of development and implementation is maintained and utilized to provide high quality support that includes periodic upgrades over the years.

Translated and excerpted from ERP.ORG.IL, Feb. 15, 2015