In a recently released report, TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers) analysts and software selection experts certified Priority Software for Mixed-mode Manufacturing ERP, covering complete enterprise resource planning capabilities for organizations running discrete and/or process manufacturing operations. 

TEC is a leading independent IT research firm that specializes in impartial and quantifiable software selection. TEC helps companies research, evaluate, and select the best enterprise software solutions for their unique business requirements. According to the report, Priority Software ranks high in flexibility, functionality and performs well in a competitive bid on price.

"...Priority Software is a full-suite enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions provider domiciled and dominating the market in its home country, Israel, and expanding its operations on a global scale, including the UK, USA, Romania, and Mexico. The Priority solution is fundamentally sound and can compete with larger market players at a much better price point. "The solution is delivered with an intuitive and rich UI, making it easy to learn and use."

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