“The Tiger” reviews Priority’s business partners event, road map and new version
By Peli-Hanamer Peled

At an event in the beginning of February, Priority unveiled its new version, Priority 17, its road map and vision and the new Priority Partners Club for business partners. 150 guests took part including leaders of Israel’s IT industry, partners, consultants, members of Fortissimo private equity fund that acquired Priority a year ago, and of course, leaders of Priority. While mingling, they spoke about the potential and the success of the growing company.
“As an investment fund that works with many companies, it’s not often that you invest in a company knowing in advance that it will be a big success. With Priority we knew it from the start”, said Yuval Cohen, director of Fortissimo. “Even before the acquisition, after meeting the Priority team, we recognized the company’s strong infrastructure, professional core and growth potential. We plan to deepen our investment in the technology and development of product solutions. We’re here long term.”

Priority in Numbers

Andres Richter, CEO of Priority, noted that “We have continued to grow during the past year despite the problematic market. Priority has always relied on its partners and community and its growth is without a doubt due to their loyalty and efforts.”
Richter measures the success in numbers: “Up to now, we have invested in the product over 500 development years. Over 200,000 end users use Priority daily in over 7,000 companies (more than twice the amount of the runner up company). The system has over 50 million logins per year.”
Richter also spoke about future plans to implement the company’s vision of making ERP simpler and strengthen its customer focus.

Leor Barth, VP of R&D at Priority, presented a taste of Priority 17 which is currently in the Beta stage and will be released in March, revealing the new user interface. “The new interface has an intuitive, easy-to-use approach and up-to-date look. We’re up to par with the highest ERP standards: easy to learn, clean lines, good screen logic, quick access to screens and data, and easy document retrieval. We also took our veteran users into account, ensuring easy adaptation to the new interface,” he said.
Barth spoke about upcoming plans: “We’ll continue to work on making implementation easier and faster; we’ll open standard APIs to ease third party integration and we’ll expand the system’s functionality.”

Afterwards, Guy Richker, VP of Sales & Business Partners at Priority, introduced the company’s new partners program: “The new program aims to create a supportive business community in which partners will receive professional support. We will encourage information sharing and we’ll assist our partners in providing added value to customers. We’re planning dedicated meetings and professional training days during the year as part of the new program.”

The evening ended with a lecture by Noam Manella, an expert on social media, who spoke of the new awareness changing the business world and how social media influences our private and business lives, making changes and sparking marketing processes.

Excerpted and translated from PC+, Feb. 17, 2015