Priority Cannabis is an end-to-end ERP software solution designed to empower cannabis growers, producers, distributors and sellers to manage and control their business operations and performance with best-in-class, market-proven ERP tools and functionalities.

Priority Cannabis helps businesses and organizations throughout the entire supply chain to improve data collection, streamline efficiencies, and manage margins and growth.

Serving the Entire Cannabis Value Chain

Priority Cannabis 

The US cannabis market is growing exponentially as more and more states approve the sale and distribution of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. As a result, the cannabis business, particularly in the US, requires robust, reliable and industry-compliant ERP solutions that can support the increase of new and expanding businesses. 

To enable companies across the entire cannabis supply chain, from growers, to producers, to distributors, cannabis ERP must provide advanced tools for compliant accounting and reporting, production, distribution, retail and wholesale selling, and customer and supplier management. Powered by robust business intelligence, reliable cannabis ERP enables companies to grow, achieve high ROI, and remain competitive, as more and more players enter the market.

A single platform to optimize your workflow and increase productivity across the entire value chain

Cultivating and growing cannabis plants from seeds

Creating cannabis products from harvested plants

Transporting cannabis products to Point of Sale (POS)

Selling cannabis products to the consumer

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Harvesting the Power of Seed-to-Sale ERP 

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ERP tools to support individual strain lifecycles and define precise requirements for space, water, light, and fertilizer, seed nurturing, harvesting, drying, and curing. 

Features include full integration with digital scales, sorting machines, barcode scanners and label printers, to automate the process and ensure accuracy, helping growers to access real-time crop and plot data, anywhere, anytime and from any device.

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QA tracking tools for every stage in the plant lifecycle, from cultivation, extraction, packaging, tracking batch and lot manufacturing, to packaged products ready for distribution and sales. 

Includes detailed (BOM) Bill of Materials to ensure compliant growing processes, with tracking/reporting of raw materials, quantities, and plant, ingredient and cost tracking, record management, and financial reporting and analysis tools, aggregating real-time data into accurate reports.

Supports purchase planning, requisitions, delivery scheduling, shipments, contracts, and billing. Fully-integrated SCM optimizes logistics, transportation and warehousing. End-to-end distribution includes fleet management, (WMS) Warehouse Management System, mobile device support for delivery tracking, sales analysis forecasting, and import/export functionality. 

Built-in CRM streamlines order management, while built-in (BPM) Business Process Management enables rules and conditions’ setup, receiving alerts/notifications when certain conditions are met.

Create, maintain, and update customer profiles, limit tracking, inventory and cash management, and build promotional campaigns, e.g., special offers based on buying patterns, and customer loyalty campaigns. Enables specific POS systems to manage data in multiple locations, while barcode functionality collects data from all incoming/outgoing transactions. 

Dedicated management tools enable tracking sales via customer, location or employee, combined with real-time inventory, cost and sales tracking, generating detailed reports.

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Why Priority Cannabis

Setting the global standard for seed-to-sale cannabis business management software, Priority Cannabis pools its expertise in 3 key areas: Compliance, seed-to-sale reporting, record keeping and accounting; Reliability, stability and security, matched with support of process control, and Automation, data analytics, and API and IoT data integration. Backed by Priority Software’s reputation as a leading global ERP software provider, Priority Cannabis effectively manages the entire seed-to-sale value chain, to build, maintain and grow a compliant, reliable and sustainable marketplace for medical cannabis. Basic functionalities include points of sale, B2B wholesale distribution, e-commerce, cultivation, and tools for processing, manufacturing, and reporting.

Priority Cannabis developed its seed-to-sale ERP solution to integrate with regulatory and compliance providers, allowing our customers to grow, process and distribute industry-compliant products, backed by regulation-approved operations. We partner with experts and consultants from the global medical cannabis industry. We work closely with an emerging network of professionals – growers, processors and distributors, whose accumulated expertise and practical hands-on experience consistently enhances our offering. Priority Cannabis boasts a fast-growing customer base that includes leading medical cannabis growers and producers from North America, EMEA and the Middle East, many of whom have forged the way for the industry in their country, state or region.

The Power of ERP

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