Mobile Back Office

Upgrade Your Store Inventory Management

Mobile Back Office

Mobile Back Office application

Streamline your store inventory management

Our Mobile Back Office application is a dedicated and user-friendly mobile solution designed specifically for storekeepers and staff. With our innovative app, users can easily receive and release stock items from anywhere within the store, regardless of the location of the cash register. This streamlined solution allows for greater flexibility and mobility in inventory management and empowers users to manage their inventory on the go, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. Say goodbye to manual stocktaking and welcome a more efficient and reliable way to manage inventory from anywhere with our Mobile Back Office application.

Save time and streamline your inventory management process

  • Quickly and accurately receive stock items from suppliers or between stores and scan their barcodes for efficient tracking.
  • Accept returned items and transfer goods between stores or warehouses quickly and easily, optimizing your operations.
  • Ensure accuracy by comparing received items to shipping certificates or purchase orders, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency.

Manage store inventory

Keep your stock inventory organized and avoid clutter on the store floor during working hours.

Manage Store Inventory

Scan for stock control

Effortlessly perform stocktaking and availability inquiries by scanning barcodes using your smartphone or a dedicated handheld device.

Maximum visibility and control of your stock even when in transit

  • Scan barcodes using your smartphone or a dedicated handheld device.
  • Easily trace missing items lost during the transfer process, with the courier vehicle acting as an intermediate warehouse that receives and transfers goods between stores.
  • Effortlessly manage your stock inventory with our intuitive mobile application.

Mobile Back Office key capabilities for efficient inventory management


Install on a dedicated handheld device or any iOS/Android mobile device with built-in scanning capabilities for flexibility and convenience.


Effortlessly receive and release goods anywhere in your store, streamlining inventory management and saving time.


Seamlessly manage inventory across multiple locations, including transit warehouses, easily and efficiently.


View stock availability and locations quickly and efficiently to keep track of inventory at all times.

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Perform accurate stock counting efficiently, ensuring up-to-date and accurate inventory records.


Utilize cellular communication for reliable communication, eliminating the need for a wireless network in the store.

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