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A comprehensive pre-configured ERP solution designed to serve the unique needs of agricultural produce distributors and packing houses, AgroPriority helps optimize and streamline the entire growing, packaging and distribution process, powered by advanced Agricultural Commodity Management.

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Introducing AgroPriority, Priority’s dedicated, market-proven agricultural produce management and distribution solution to effectively control your end-to-end operations, from the field, to your customer’s table. AgroPriority manages your core business processes along the entire produce value chain. Fully integrated with scales, sorting machines, and barcode scanners and printers, AgroPriority enables you to work faster and smarter, without the need for costly additional software. 

Now, you can efficiently manage your crops by recording all crop-related tasks, from ploughing to picking, to crop and row spacing, define timelines for each activity, and storing and packaging the required materials and products produced. With full visibility of your entire operational process, you’ll benefit from product traceability to track perishable produce from the growers’ plot, through packaging, warehousing, and on to final delivery, saving valuable time and resources, reducing waste, and maximizing profits.  

With AgroPriority’s wide range of financial reporting and analysis tools, you can easily manage sales and procurement, processing, billing and pricing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis, and more. 

Grow, package and deliver quality produce – on time and on budget



  • Real-time business insights
  • Simplify complex operational processes
  • Full visibility/control of entire workflow 
  • Accountability w/ integrated financials
  • Tight control over budgets/cash flow

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