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Fully integrated into Priority, Priority’s Warehouse Management module is the core of your Warehouse operations, optimizing inventory service levels, and increasing warehouse efficiency, by managing and controlling the storage and movement of your inventory. 
Priority’s Warehouse Management platform makes inventory management faster, easier and efficient. With updated information in real-time, Warehouse Management Systems provide rapid & accurate responses to customer demands. In turn, Priority WMS improves sales and increases profits. Furthermore, it allows the existing workforce to pick and receive items in a fraction of the time, with fewer errors. 
Intuitive and user-friendly, Priority WMS offers real-time insights into each aspect of your operations, allowing you to be flexible enough to help your business adapt to changing market conditions, and easily integrate with other business applications.
With Priority WMS, you’ll gain full control of your entire operational process, from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse, until they move out, including inventory management, picking, auditing, and more, and on-the-go updating of your inventory from a dedicated mobile application. 

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What Is Warehouse Management?

Warehouse management is a unified term for the processes involved in running and overseeing the daily operations of a warehouse, from warehouse layout and labor management to daily activities like receiving and managing inventory, fulfilling orders and coordinating shipments.
A warehouse management system optimizes and integrates all the aspects of warehouse operations to increase productivity and efficiency, by enabling rapid and accurate order fulfillment while reducing costs.


ERP Warehouse Management Software

When it comes to managing your inventory, fulfillment, shipping and delivery, companies rely on advanced warehouse management systems to get the job done, to minimize costs and improve overall operational efficiency. Priority’s WMS integrates fully with the Priority ERP system, is easily implemented, and requires no additional interfaces. The module’s built-in features and functionality includes Pick, Pack & Ship, Receiving and Put-Away, replenishment waves, tracking and traceability, support for mobile devices, barcode labeling and RFID tags, and more.  

With Priority WMS, you organization will benefit from real-time synchronization between automated warehouses and the ERP system for on-the spot adjustments to work orders, inventory allocation, deliveries, and orders. The integrated ERP WMS calculates exact inventory balances, preventing errors, and saving valuable time and resources. What’s more, Priority WMS can be initiated in a single isolated area in your warehouse or with a single warehouse activity, and can be later implemented in stages, including incremental shut-down capabilities, when required.


Inventory, shipping & delivery... at your fingertips


  • Simplify complex processes
  • Maximize warehouse space/storage
  • Streamline workforce efficiency
  • Automate data input w/ barcode/RFID
  • Advanced tracking/visibility tools
  • Robust mobile ERP apps

Key Functionalities


Pick, Pack & Ship




Receiving & Put-Away


Tracking & Traceability


Mobile Devices, Barcodes & RFID Tags


WMS is an acronym for "Warehouse Management System," a
dedicated management software designed to help organizations manage, optimize and streamline inventory and supply chain operations. WMS takes an active role in daily planning and organizing tasks in the warehouse, from workforce allocation to controlling inventories, to enhance the performance of various
warehouse functionalities.

Choosing the right WMS depends on every business's unique needs and requirements. Each organization should consider solutions based on their capacity to provide a solution according to the warehouse size and complexity, the scope of inventory, locations, and the number of system users. 

Using a WMS Improves overall inventory management by providing a complete view of inventory, which helps to improve stock accuracy.
A WMS Increases operational efficiency by reducing manual work and automating warehouse processes like replenishment, picking, packing, shipping, and more.
A WMS helps businesses gain visibility and traceability that allow them to improve orders and shipment tracking, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.
Organizations using a dedicated WMS system streamline and simplify data collection from different warehouse processes and consolidate it into a single system, making it easier to access and analyze.

Yes, many Warehouse Management systems are built to handle multi-location storehouses, allowing businesses to easily manage distributed inventory and logistic operations in a single, unified system. 

WMS systems often incorporate features designed to help businesses comply with regulations such as FDA regulations and guidelines.
Robust WMS tools include tracking and managing expiry dates, lot numbers, and tracing inventory movements. Additionally, warehouse process automation features can help businesses minimize inaccuracies related to human error and reduce non-compliance risk.

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