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Seamless production management - from the factory floor to your customer’s door

Priority ERP for electronics manufacturers is a fully integrated end-to-end management solution to ensure products get to market faster, by leveraging real-time visibility into the supply chain, streamlining business processes, and automating the entire electronics manufacturing process.

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At Priority, we understand the real challenges in the electronics manufacturing industry. From moving new products out the door faster, to ensuring comparable pricing, companies fight some of the toughest battles of any industry sector. With global competition always a key deciding factor, the industry has come to rely heavily on robust management tools to achieve shorter product lifecycles, a rush of new technologies, and demanding customers.

Comprehensive electronics production management and control – from the shop floor to the end-customer, Priority effectively supports your entire supply chain. This means smart and reliable tools to grow your business from development and engineering, to fully compliant end-products delivered to your customer’s door, on time and on budget. 

Priority offers robust production planning tools, end-to-end manufacturing management, compliance and quality assurance, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and more. Benefit from fully-integrated views and comprehensive product line visibility, from engineering to production, with real-time alerts at every stage in the process. 

We give electronics manufacturers a real competitive edge


  • Real-time business insights 
  • Multiple tools on one platform
  • Seamless end-to-end synchronization
  • Real-time alerts at every stage 
  • Robust planning/budgeting tools
  • Simplify complex purchasing processes

Key Functionalities


Material Requirements Planning (MRP)


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)


Inventory & Supply Chain Management


ECO Management & Revision Control


Quality Assurance & Compliance


Finance & Accounting

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