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Priority Healthcare ERP, a comprehensive healthcare ERP solution, is built to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations and service providers. In this fast-paced, constantly changing industry sector, the objectives are clear – consistently improve service quality, enhance patient care, fully comply with standards and regulations, and control costs.

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Healthcare ERP software for the healthcare industry

Today’s healthcare organizations face a multitude of challenges in their business operations, namely increased overheads and working across disparate systems, all while aiming to improve service quality and patient safety and integrity. To achieve this, healthcare organizations and service providers invest tremendous efforts and resources in their business management systems. But to remain competitive, they must quickly respond to market and legislative changes, customer demands, and meet strict industry regulations and compliance.

With its rich and proven track record across both public and private health facilities and organizations, Priority offers an end-to-end healthcare ERP solutions, all on a single platform. By implementing a dedicated healthcare ERP system, you can gain a real-time view of your core business operations through various reports and analyses, integrate company-wide management processes, and significantly improve customer service and engagement.

Priority's cloud healthcare ERP system supports every facet of your business. From appointment scheduling, to updating patient records in the field from a mobile device, to purchasing, invoicing and accounting, all the way to back-end processes, inventory and logistics. Simply put, your medical and administrative staff will benefit from faster, more intuitive access to information when they need it most. Priority Healthcare is the critical link – effectively connecting between the patient and technology.


Enhance customer service and patient care


  • Real-time business insights
  • Simplify complex operational processes
  • Full visibility of entire operations
  • Automated inventory control
  • Mobile access from any device/tablet

Key Functionalities


Patient Case Management


Integrated Financials & Cost Control


Patient & Clinical Treatment Tracking


Purchase Planning & Costing


Report Generation

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