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A next-generation, unified commerce retail management System designed to scale

Priority Retail is an agile, scalable, and easy-to-use unified commerce platform designed to accommodate the ever-changing needs of the retail industry. The solution consists of a complete set of advanced capabilities to fully and effectively manage a modern omnichannel retail business, accelerate business performance and support future growth.
Whether you are just starting out or already managing a large-scale chain store operation, you need a business management system to help you efficiently handle your day-to-day operations: from customers, employees, accounting, and reporting to workflows automation and compliance with regulations, all while saving time, resources, and costs.
Gain complete visibility of your business with a SaaS platform that supports your business growth, taking on new markets and managing increased volumes, workloads, and data.

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Provide your customers with an exceptional omni-channel experience.

Powered by Priority's unified commerce technology, the solution seamlessly integrates with any POS terminal/commerce channel to enable a slick and smooth omni-channel experience across both online and in-store activities. 
Priority helps retailers reveal their customers’ preferences, customize and automate their POS processes, craft personalized promo campaigns, apply cross-channel, cross-brand, and cross-vertical loyalty programs, and much more. All from a single, centralized cloud-based Head Office management console. 

Drive more sales on-the-go 

Priority Retail unified commerce platform supports business continuity by remaining fully operational in both online (connected) and offline (disconnected) modes. Mobile POS terminals can remain entirely functional with no internet/electricity, providing the optimal solution for pop-up stores and other remote sales outlets.

Grow your business with Priority Unified Commerce with ease 

Priority Retail unified commerce solution’s modularity allows retailers to expand their business and their client base. For example, increased foot traffic necessitates the installation of additional terminals. With Priority, adding POS terminals is done quickly and easily, does not involve any downtime, and better satisfies your consumers' demands.

Key Features






Full mobility



Advanced, Personalized Commerce Capabilities

Priority’s extensive range of retail solutions provides retailers with advanced capabilities to effectively manage and control online and offline sales, including supply chain, front and back-end processes, financials, and more.

  • Centralized, GUI driven, omni-channel Head-Office Console
  • Multi-channel order management & Flexible order fulfillment 
  • Multi-store, multi-location & real-time inventory management
  • Cloud native, SaaS model
  • Payment processing in offline/disconnected mode
  • Mobile POS
  • Demand planning & inventory forecasting
  • Hybrid retail & wholesale functionality 
  • Product catalog, multi-layered pricing
  • Sophisticated customer loyalty plan promotions, and gift cards management
  • Omni-channel customer loyalty, segmentation, and engagement management
  • Automatic replenishment/restocking 

Products & Solutions

Explore your growth opportunities with Priority Retail solution Integrated, field-proven solutions, tailor-made for the unique operational requirements of the retail industry

Priority POS

A complete POS solution that includes all the necessary capabilities for managing a retail store.

Self Service Kiosk

A smart, self-checkout POS. Quickens checkout time, eliminates store overcrowding, and cuts labor costs. 

Gift Card

Integrated gift card management engine for managing digital, online and in-store gift cards.

Queue Mobile POS

Shortens queues, enables rapid pop-up store set-up, and offers payment processing in an offline mode.


Magento eCommerce website with integrated OneCore services that supports campaigns, pricing, inventory, customer loyalty programs, payment, and delivery.

Head Office 

A centralized retail management console. It provides full real-time visibility and control of the entire retail operation, allowing businesses to easily scale as they grow.


Automates and simplifies complex retail workflows, Automates and simplifies complex retail workflows, enables procedural efficiency, and enhances operational transparency.


Comprehensive customer loyalty platform, from onboarding on any channel, to various loyalty assets, including privacy regulation enforcement.

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