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Turbocharge Your Retail Enterprise

Built on the Priority Edea Retail management platform, Priority Retail is designed to empower today’s retail organizations, and keep pace with the growing demand for an omnichannel commerce experience. From powering back-end operations to managing an extensive range of front-end, customer-facing commerce channels, Priority Retail simplifies and streamlines complex operational processes, to differentiate your brand, and enhance the customer experience, online and in-store.

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Drive Sales with a Single Unified and Agile Solution to Manage Your Resources

Priority delivers a robust, holistic solution for retailers that helps you lower operating costs, integrate processes across your organization, and increase the accessibility and flow of information relevant to your customers, suppliers, warehouses, employees, and other stakeholders in your supply chain. Priority helps you complete critical tasks, such as managing inventory, leveraging your workforce, and planning & forecasting, supported by powerful analysis and reporting tools, to help you make better-informed business decisions.

Why Priority Retail

We think ahead. Priority helps thousands of retail organizations to better manage and control their business, and meet the challenges of today’s retail industry.

Priority’s 360 retail management platform supports your business growth, with the scalability and agility you need to always stay ahead of the game.

With Priority’s retail solutions, retailers can benefit from a truly holistic solution, a single data set without requiring interface integration between standalone solutions. With a single point of contact for both implementation and support, retailers can save valuable time, resources, and costs.

Key Features


Unified Commerce

With Priority, the retailer controls all operations and business channels under a single end-to-end management system, to provide customers with a unified, continuous 360 experience.


Headless Commerce

Edea OneCore provides all the data and business logic required for any commerce or service channel, online and off-line, providing a single point of truth. 

Edea OneCore is GUI agnostic, providing a single, holistic, agile solution connecting all customer facing channels to one engine via a standard interface.


Customers Data Platform

With Edea CDP (Customer Data Platform) all privacy regulations and spam prevention can be easily enforced. Customer registration applies to all channels and is only required once, the account is then continuously managed from within a single database.


Holistic solution

With Priority retail solutions, retailers benefit from all the advantages of a holistic platform, without the interface integration between designated solutions, and a single point of contact for both support and implementation.

Advanced, Personalized Commerce Capabilities

Priority’s extensive range of retail solutions provides retailers with advanced capabilities to effectively manage and control online and offline sales, including supply chain, front and back-end processes, financials, and more.

  • Retail workflow automation
  • Multi-location & real-time inventory management
  • Integrated warehouse management
  • Multi-channel order management
  • Flexible order fulfillment
  • Integrated accounting
  • Demand planning & inventory forecasting
  • Hybrid retail & wholesale functionality
  • Returns management
  • Automated sales & payment recording
  • Enhanced customer management
  • Seamless pricing and discount management

Products & Solutions

Explore your growth opportunities with Priority Retail solution Integrated, field-proven solutions, tailor-made for the unique operational requirements of the retail industry


Supports any type of Point-of-Sale at any location, and on any hardware – desktop, mobile device or tablet.

Self-Ordering Kiosk

Kiosk station app with OneCore integration, and a dedicated UI for individual retail organizations.

Gift Card

 Integrated gift card server for managing digital and physical gift cards, including OTP.


Dedicated printing server, for digital or physical invoicing for any channel, POS, eCommerce platform, or mobile device.


Magento eCommerce website with integrated OneCore services to support campaigns, pricing, inventory, customer loyalty programs, payment, and delivery.

OnePay Payment Gateway

Your gateway to a wide range of payment services, credit cards, gift cards, mobile payment apps, and more.

Online Ordering Application

 Mobile ordering app integrated with OneCore services, including customer loyalty programs, and payment.


Comprehensive customer loyalty platform, from onboarding on any channel, to various loyalty assets, including privacy regulation enforcement.

Explore your growth opportunities with Priority Retail

Integrated, field-proven solutions, tailor-made for the unique operational requirements of today’s retailers.  

Edea OneCore

Headless Commerce Engine

Edea OneCore provides all data and business logic required for any commerce or service channel, online and off-line, providing a single point of truth, and a unified customer experience. 

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Edea OneHub

Retail Operations Management Server

An ERP-based, omni-channel head office engine that integrates and consolidates resource planning processes with retail operations.

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Edea OneCore

Headless Commerce Engine

One holistic and agile solution connecting all channels to one engine using a standard interface.

Based on a “headless” commerce solution, Edea OneCore seamlessly connects various commerce channels; e-commerce sites, CRM providers, marketing automation solutions, and offline stores to the Priority database and platform, linking them to purchases made via these channels. Retailers can easily generate customer loyalty programs and gift cards, optimize dynamic pricing, personalize promotions, recommendations, and more, all on a single unified platform.


  • Unified business logic
  • Single database
  • Standard open interface
  • Unified control & monitoring
  • Centralized security & privacy protocols


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Edea OneHub

Retail Operations Management Server

Edea OneHub provides advanced, unified, and highly effective administrative and operational capabilities for all management functions and processes.


  • Up-to-date and accurate data at any time.
  • A single, unified point of truth for all retail operations, data, and processes.
  • Robust, agile, and holistic customer management capabilities.


Customer Loyalty Management Platform

A comprehensive customer loyalty platform, from multi-channel onboarding, to various loyalty assets management, including privacy regulation enforcement. 

Personal coupons

Privacy regulation compliance



Digitial registration

BI loyalty module

Omni-channel interface

Gift cards

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