Pharmaceutical Industry

With over 25 years of specialized software experience in the fields of manufacturing and commercial enterprise, Priority is uniquely suited for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Full batch management, machinery and equipment maintenance, warehouse management (WMS), laboratory review and subcontractor management are just some of the features that make Priority the ideal solution for this field. This is in addition to the standard package which supports project management, purchase planning, raw material management, production control, distribution and financial management, and data migration tools to import/export your critical data as necessary. With Priority, all your mission-critical data is unified and accessible in a single system.

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    Process Manufacturing

    Factory modeling, MRP, laboratory review, floor inventory and finite capacity planning

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    Warehouse Management System

  • 3

    R&D Project Management

    Plan and manage timetables, budget compliance and profit estimation

  • 4

    Purchase Planning & MRP

    Purchasing recommendations based on planned inventory, inventory on
    hand and purchase demandsRequirement management with load capabilities from original Word RFP documents to Scope of Work (SOW) documents

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    Quality Assurance

    Sampling, laboratory review, expiration date management 

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    Malfunction Review Board

  • 7

    Work Order Management

    Track batches and expiration dates; Prioritize material usage based on

  • 8

    Multiple Units of Measure

    Measure by weight, volume or quantity, including manufacturer
    and factory units, with automatic conversion


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    Built-in financial management tools, including analysis, reporting, budgets and financial statements


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    Distribution and Delivery Tracking

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    Comprehensive Insights of Your Business

    Gained through  a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business

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    Complex and critical purchasing, receiving and warehousing processes become much eaiser

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    Integrated Financials

    Priority helps you maintain full accountability while giving you the agility needed to respond to shifting market conditions

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    Cost Control

    Keep tight control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes and make better decisions

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    Supply Chain Mangement

    Planning and production control

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    Compliant with tax regulations in a large selection of countries

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    Opportunity pipelines, sales and customer relations