With Priority on board, we process up to 30% more orders with the same resources

“Priority’s taken the manual management out of running the business, which means we can do a lot more with less.”

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Priority: Quick and easy onboarding, short learning curve and user-friendly, customizable UI

We’re performing more tasks in real-time than we ever could have hoped with our previous solution.”

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With Priority, we have a real bird's eye view of our entire workflow

“Our business process has improved with Priority because our products are now categorized into many levels.”

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Light & Green go from no business software, straight to Priority ERP and boost productivity in no time

“We recommend Priority to everyone in our business. They’ve got our vote, 100%!”

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Solara accelerates entire workflow, speeds up project turnaround time and delivery to customer

“With Priority’s strong BI and management dashboard, I can view our entire operation in real time.”

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RMC recommends Priority as a true, cost-effective solution with affordable TCO

Sustainable water management program development in Wales

“When it came time to implementing Priority on site, we were overwhelmed at just how quick and easy the on-boarding process was.”

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Merley Saves 20% on Costs with Priority ERP

UK’s largest independent manufacturer of receipt paper rolls for marketing & security receipts

“Since implementing Priority, we cut our admin spend by 20% with a 20% reduction in manpower. Processes that once required manual input are now 100% automated and we really feel the difference when our products roll off the assembly line in record time.”

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Future Cell Ramps Up Sales & Distribution Processes

Largest national mobile device accessories importer & distributor

“With Priority on board, we almost instantly felt the difference in our operations, from our finance department to our inventory and warehouse management – even our distribution system and our drivers were amazed!”

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ABL Realizes High ROI – 20% Improvement in Workflow

Leading UK manufacturer of air bearings solutions & high-precision products

“Priority gave us the tools we needed to really manage and control every aspect of our business. For the first time, we now had accurate costing data at our fingertips. This is where business efficiency starts and Priority helped us get there.”

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Hillier Nurseries Boosts its Daily Order Lines by 150% with Priority ERP

UK’s #1 grower & distributor of trees, flowers and nursery stock

“With Priority, we’ve increased our daily order lines by 150%. We’ve gone from processing 10,000 order lines a day during our peak sales period, to 15,000 a day! Priority has given us the capacity to grow our business organically.”

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Boddingtons Reports Full Data Migration; Up & Running in Just 6 Weeks!

Leading UK insulated tools & electrical safety products manufacturer

“Once we gave the go ahead, the time to move over to Priority was exceptionally fast. With a dedicated plan for data migration from our old ERP to Priority in place, project time was drastically reduced to six weeks!”

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