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Introducing Priority V 18.3

We are pleased to introduce Priority 18.3. As in other recent versions, we have continued to invest in expanding Priority’s flexibility, mobile capabilities, and usability improvements. Among the innovations in this release:

  • A new GDPR module enabling the management of customer and employee privacy management of consent forms by categories, and the ability to delete contact information quickly and easily.
  • New employee attendance portal! The new and modern portal extends the capabilities of users and managers and allows them easy access to reporting hours, reports, personal forms and team information.
  • New: Direct clearing from Priority through integration with the Isracard Global credit card clearing solution. Currently available in the USA and Israel.
  • Advanced design capabilities with dynamic documents and packages-based customization.
  • New: Mobile application for purchase approvals and purchase requisitions is available to our customers in application stores
  • Further enhancements to the finance module, WMS, system maintenance, and more
To see the full technical release note press here.