“Manufacturing Today” has published an article written by Andres Richter, CEO, Priority Software

While outsourcing reduces capacity limitations and allows tight-turnaround demands to be met, the expansion of the manufacturing ecosystem also brings new challenges. There is a new and pressing need to manage and monitor third party activity. As the level of complexity in the logistics domain increases and vendors around the world require synchronisation, companies must be able to optimise what they do, and where.

By using one system, which is integrated both ways with other systems, changes such as engineering adjustments are immediately visible to the production floor, and have firstly been informed by production floor analytic. This also improves planning capabilities. From a management perspective, this new, modern way of working makes searching for information a thing of the past. Relevant data alerts can be pushed to the right person as soon as it happens and take the appropriate action, whether it is replacing a component, stopping production or looking for an alternative.

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