Everything you need to accept & clear credit card payments in Priority


At Priority, we know how important it is that every product or service you sell that’s delivered on time and on budget, results in a satisfied customer. And when you’re in control of the sales process from the initial purchase order to delivery, you can grow your business.

Payment handling is an integral part of your sales process, but it shouldn’t take up your time and resources. Why not take advantage of a simple way to streamline payment processing, help optimize your cash flow, and enhance the customer experience?

Introducing Priority Payments. Now, you can quickly and easily accept and clear both local and international credit card payments directly from the Priority system, all with a simple click. And because the module is fully integrated into Priority, no more endless waiting for approvals. With a simple registration process from inside the Priority interface, you can close single transactions and clear standing orders within minutes. What’s more, there’s no need to look for different providers for clearing, gateway, or funding. With Priority Payments, you’ve got all credit card related services in one convenient location with a single point of contact.

Priority Payments Portal


Priority Payments – Your All-in-One Payment Processing Platform

Enjoy all the benefits of fast and easy credit card acceptance and clearing. Here are just a few:

  • ‘Round the Globe Support

Supports transactions in multiple currencies and popular international credit card brands and is available across the U.S. and Canada, EU, and Israel

  • Optimized Processing Rates

Smart transactions router ensures the best possible fees and rates for any new transaction

  • Your Security is #1

Advanced and trusted platform security with the latest fraud protection tools to secure your deals and transactions

  • Marketplace Solutions

Complex multidirectional transactions are made simple, where the system manages payment licensing and flows for you

  • Consolidated Dashboard

Single easy-to-use location for all your payment processing needs – access, and monitor your transactions


* Powered by Isracard Global who are responsible for the overall process, the clearing and the data.