Development Platform

The Priority platform offers development tools and technology designed to help customers, partners and software developers configure the ERP application to their specific needs. We consider Priority’s application development tools to be one of the most powerful contributors to our customer loyalty. Priority‘s development tools allow programmers to develop software customizations that require no compilation, even after version upgrades. Each customization becomes an integrated part of the application itself. Priority’s four-layered architecture provides the ability to change one layer without affecting the others. This architecture enables...


Cloud ERP Solution

All Priority products are available both on premise and in a SaaS model on our cloud platform. Our cloud platform provides organizations a secure and risk free environment, immune to virus and Trojan horse attacks - required in order to keep your sensitive business data safe. With Priority's cloud platform, you can cut your organization's IT expenses by reducing the financial and workforce investment needed for hardware maintenance and system upgrades. The cloud platform is ideal for growing organizations. You can grow instantly from a few users to a few thousand.

Anywhere, any device

An HTML 5 interface makes Priority Pro accessible to employees and managers from anywhere. Dedicated user interfaces enable comfortable work from tablets, smartphones and other hand held devices. You can do everything, from anywhere, at any time!