Thousands of organizations in over 40 countries choose Priority PRO to manage their business


Over three decades of product development position Priority PRO as the leading business management solution for medium sized businesses across a wide range of industries. Tailored designed ERP for SMEs, Priority PRO is a highly efficient operational ERP software package.

Priority PRO covers every aspect of your business, from financial ERP and HR to supply chain management, customer relationship management and production. Isn’t it time for your organization to benefit from a comprehensive, integrated solution? 

Adaptive and flexible

Priority Pro offers extreme flexibility and is highly configurable, allowing it to be custom tailored to fit various organizational needs. The system is built in an architecture that provides for easy development and customization via a full-fledged SDK and standard APIs. The product is modular, enabling organizations to grow from a few users to a few thousand –  in a multi-company,...


Anywhere, any device

An HTML 5 interface makes Priority Pro accessible to employees and managers from anywhere. Dedicated user interfaces enable comfortable work from tablets, smartphones and other hand held devices. You can do everything, from anywhere, at any time!  

Rich and Integrative

Priority Pro provides an integrative solution to all your business needs. Built in a modular architecture, it offers a wide range of functionality: finance management, supply chain management, project management, sales & CRM, customer service, HR and more.

Real-time Reports

Priority’s BI module is built as an integrated part of the application and contains over 30 pre-defined multi-dimensional dashboards. Users can drill-down with a single click – from aggregated data presented in dashboards and dynamic BI reports with “slice and dice” tools to the underlying data elements of those aggregates in their respective Priority forms. Users have the...


Lowest TCO

Implementing Priority Pro is done through an easy and short process, thanks to its architecture, technology and advanced data transformation tools.  The solution’s flexibility and ease of operation eliminates the need for a dedicated IT team to support the system, resulting in a drastic decrease in operational costs. The result is an affordable ERP solution with a low TCO (Total Cost of...