The ERP Solution of Choice

A global community of over 350,000 users enjoy the benefits of Priority ERP. Here’s why:


Intuitive and user-friendly.

The user experience is at the heart of Priority ERP, offering one of the most intuitive and advanced User Interfaces (UIs) in the industry. Built with a web HTML5, Priority provides a personalized homepage and screens, fast and easy access to data from anywhere in the system, automatic shortcuts, to-do items/lists, and graphical workflow tools, all supported by responsive Help tools to make learning quick and easy.



Priority offers a full range of modules, functionalities and features to control and manage the entire organization, from the front desk and finance, to the shop floor and warehouse, all with robust cross-system tools, such as search, SMS, Active Directory, EDI, Open APIs, synchronization with Google Docs and MS-Office tools, and more. Priority also offers advanced WMS tools for planning and monitoring all aspects of warehouse management. Fully integrated into the Priority ERP system, Priority‘s WMS prevents inventory balance discrepancies and operational requirement mismatches between the ERP and WMS system.

Priority supports multi-company structures as well as multi-site, multi-lingual and multi-currency to efficiently manage global organizations in 40 countries. Customized and personalized, Priority ERP offers product localization in 20 countries and is available in 18 different languages.  


Lower TCO.

For organizations looking to adopt or change their ERP system, Priority brings an alternative to complex traditional ERP systems. This allows us to compete with larger market players at a more comparable price. Our TCO is dramatically lower as Priority is easier to use, maintain and enhance. As a result, many of our customers have successfully reduced their TCO by up to 70% lower than enterprise ERP giants.


Beyond innovation.

Priority ERP thrives on innovation, delivering the tools and functionality to meet organizations’ constantly changing needs and requirements. Through advanced design and development processes, coupled with important customer feedback, Priority breaks new ground with every version release. We release two software versions per year, encompassing a rich variety of new features and functionality, supported by a clear and definitive product vision and roadmap, where product advancements include a rich variety of open APIs, advanced mobile application tools, with a robust Mobile Application Generator and Web SDK, and innovative AI and IoT integration and functionality, such as embedded AI functionality and machine-learning BPM.


Fueled by flexibility.

At Priority, we believe that users should be able to effectively handle their own systems, minimizing the dependency on third party vendors. Priority offers the necessary tools to achieve an exceptionally high level of flexibility, including Business Process Management (BPM), mobile application generator, user-level personalization to customize the UI, business rules generator , and other development tools.



Priority cloud-based ERP is ideal for growing organizations, with highly flexible and scalable solutions to effectively handle an increasing amount of work and to accommodate gradual and steady growth, serving from a few to several thousand users. Priority’s scalable solutions support a company’s future growth by streamlined operational performance and maximized productivity.


Reference customers.

Priority boasts an extensive customer roster that includes many reference customers for every vertical industry we support. From Manufacturing (plastics, chemicals, metal processing, electronics, Food & Beverage, pharmaceutical, medical devices and more), Distribution, Customer Service, to Project Management and Construction, Priority serves a wide range of SME customers throughout the world.


On-premise and cloud.

All Priority ERP solutions are available an on-premise installations or cloud-based (SaaS / Software as a Service) – both with the 100% functionality. Today, Priority has over 2,000 customers successfully running Priority ERP on the cloud in secure, risk-free environments, ensuring that sensitive business data is fully protected. Ideal for growing organizations, Priority cloud ERP enables customers to focus on their core business, and allows Priority experts handle the required infrastructure to support the ERP system. Priority cloud ERP includes upgrades, ensuring our customers always enjoy the most up-to-date software version.


System openness.

Priority’s system openness enables hyper-connected ERP with a new level of interoperability between the core business processes, external data, IoT devices and third party applications. To enhance system openness and increase Priority ERP’s interface functionality, Priority offers a range of APIs to facilitate effective integration between Priority and a wide range of third party applications.


Empowering the user.

Today’s customers demand change at a rapid pace, a result of scalability, new functionality and integration to new applications. To meet growing demands, Priority enables users to work out-of-the-box with a comprehensive set of tools that allow them to work independently and customize and personalize the system to meet their needs, without having to rely on third party apps. For example, users can build their own tools, creating effective mobile applications in minutes without the need for programming skills. For advanced users looking to leverage additional capabilities and embed external components, develop more complex apps or more extensive design options, Priority offers a Web SDK (Software Development Toolkit).


Suite of mobile tools.

Priority offers a range of highly efficient mobile ERP solutions readily available from mobile devices or tablets – anywhere and at any time. Priority’s mobile ERP solutions enable real-time access and true “Priority on the go” for various processes and positions across the supply chain. These include Mobile Sales Force, a mobile app for field sales reps, Mobile Field Service, for field technicians, Proof of Delivery, a management app for delivery teams, and Delivery Tracking, to support the supply chain and delivery management system.

Priority offers both off-the-shelf mobile apps and a range of tools for users to build their own mobile applications, including Priority’s Mobile Application Generator, an innovative tool to enable companies or teams to quickly and easily build their own mini-workflows on their mobile devices – without having to write a single line of code, and Web SDK, designed for developers to build more advanced applications or personalized designs.