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Help Light & Green deliver product safety and quality, from the distribution center to the customer’s door, on-time and on-budget.

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The Results

Priority cloud ERP helped save time, resources and costs, with virtually no system downtime, and no need for extensive HW, servers and IT resources.

LA-based Light & Green design and manufacture plaster architectural lighting fixtures for residential and commercial use, delivering high performance, eco-friendly, and energy effcient LED lighting solutions.
With a team of over 120 employees, Light & Green export their products to more than 80 countries, with a capacity to produce over 20,000 units per day. The complex manufacturing process begins with designing and casting the plaster and ends, and shipping finished hand-crafted wall sconces, surface mount fixtures, and recessed down lights to customers.

“Priority promised us smooth data migration that would be quick, easy and secure – and it certainly was" Haim Attias, Light & Green CEO





Since opening its doors nearly 20 years ago, Light & Green have been using an imaginative mix of software systems just to get the job done. The company's administrative, finance and HR departments were supported by one system, while the company's tremendous inventory, managed by another, having to store and track hundreds of line items, often slowing down or even grinding production to a stop because of a glitch or malfunction.

Light & Green joined forces with Priority, working directly with Priority’s project management team based in Reston, VA. For Haim Attias, Light & Green CEO, and his team, system onboarding Priority cloud ERP was smooth and easy. The cloud was a viable option because of its ability to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device, and because Priority cloud ERP is flexible and scalable, Light & Green knew they were making a long term investment, as the system could grow as their business expanded. "We had to ready ourselves for a potentially long and costly process and as colleagues had war ed me, it would be quite stressful, as best," said Attias. "But Priority promised us smooth data migration that would be quick, easy and secure – and it certainly was.


Light & Green’s finance department felt the change from the get-go. They used to manage accounting and scheduling with Excel sheets. Now they have a fully integrated ERP system and saved valuable time, resources, and endless IT expenses.

Since deploying Priority at their HQ, Light & Green has managed to lower operating costs by 30% across the board because their IT team no longer needs to maintain the system. They’ve saved on having to purchase systems, licenses, renewals and updates. Light & Green has also reduced overall expenses, especially since their provider can manage maintenance.


"We’re confident that there's more ahead," said Attias. "Priority gives us all the tools we need now, and as we talk about our future design and manufacturing needs, we know that Priority will be right beside us. We asked Attias if he would recommend Priority to others in his industry. "Wouldn't think twice," is what he replied. "Priority's got my vote 100%." 

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