Students and Parents

Enhance engagement for improved performance

Promote student and parent involvement and responsibility with Priority School Management Information System

Students And Parents

Transform school communication and collaboration

Priority School Management Information System (SMIS) is an innovative solution enabling seamless real-time information sharing between parents, students, and teachers. The feature-rich system allows users to view and receive notifications on class assignments, due dates, homework, grades, and more. Additionally, parents and students can download file attachments posted by teachers, such as worksheets, permission slips, study guides, and the class syllabus. Available on both iOS and Android, the Student/Parent Mobile App helps students and their parents stay informed and up-to-date with their academic performance.

Encourage educational involvement and transparency

Priority SMIS enables real-time data sharing, facilitating transparency in behavior metrics and academic achievements and driving students’ and parents’ involvement in the educational process. With instant access to updates, grades, and assignments, students and parents can stay informed, organized, and on top of academic progress.

Priority offers a comprehensive suite of communication channels, such as emails and requests for assistance, allowing students to easily reach out to teachers and receive timely and practical support for a seamless learning journey.

Empower academic growth with real-time data access

Access a comprehensive range of data, including grades, behavior metrics, and detailed documentation of homework assignments, helps gain a deep understanding of the educational status and receive accurate performance feedback. This fosters accountability and engagement, allowing students to take ownership of their learning and parents to provide better support.

Priority helps students drive personal empowerment with advanced tools for setting personal goals, and receive up-to-date constructive feedback on students’ progress.

Stay involved, streamline activity planning and encourage educational progress

The system empowers students and parents to stay informed on all academic events, including exams and recreational activities, in real-time, enabling efficient schedule planning and ensuring that students and parents stay on top of their schedules without any stress or hassle and drive personal empowerment with advanced tools for setting personal goals, and receive up-to-date constructive feedback on students’ progress.

Key features


A Weekly schedule scheme that allows students and parents to view the regular class schedule and stay informed of any changes.


Access to behavior metrics such as absences, tardiness, positive reinforcements, etc.


Access to test scores, exams, and homework assignments results.


A comprehensive record of the covered topics in each class and a detailed account of homework assignments.


Upload medical notes or approvals for justified absences.

Icondocuments And Files

Access to exam schedules, events timetables, and learning resources - including test and school activity dates, relevant documents, and files.


Direct communication channels with teachers.


Personal goal settings enable students to set their own targets for achievement and receive valuable feedback and reinforcement.

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