Gift Card Management Software

Delight Your Customers with Gift Cards

Gift Card Management Software

Unwrap the possibilities with Priority's gift card management system

With Priority’s gift card management software, issue and manage diverse types of gift cards and vouchers for your customers. These can be physical or virtual, one-time or rechargeable, have a monetary value, be restricted to specific items, or be limited to a pre-defined selection of items. 

By enabling gift card use across all channels, including online, in-store, and pop-up locations, generate steady revenue and meet customer demands for seamless cross-channel payment experiences while enhancing your brand. The easiest solution to manage your gift card program.

Boost your revenue with gift cards

  • Gift cards can attract new customers and encourage repeat business, increasing sales.
  • Customers tend to spend more than the value of their gift card, driving up revenue.
  • Gift cards can promote specific products or services, helping retailers focus their marketing efforts and drive sales for targeted items.
  • During slow periods, gift cards can generate immediate revenue and improve cash flow.

Make your loyal customers feel valued and appreciated


Issue gift cards against accumulated loyalty points


Provide value to customers and increase revenue by offering gift cards as birthday incentives, allowing customers to indulge while boosting sales


Resolve customer complaints by providing prompt refunds or gift cards as compensation.

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Gift card module key features


All-inclusive omni-channel options


Physical and virtual (e-gift) single-use and reloadable options


View historical card activity


Partial payments and payments with multiple cards

Loyalty 1

Link gift cards to loyalty programs


Pre-built and customizable business reports


What is a Gift Card Management System?

A Gift Card Management System is a tool that enables businesses to issue, manage, and track various types of gift cards, ensuring a seamless experience for both the issuer and the recipient.

What is the purpose of a Gift Card Management System?

A Gift Card Management System allows businesses to issue and manage various types of gift cards for their customers. These gift cards can be physical or virtual, one-time use or rechargeable, and can have specific monetary values or be tied to particular items.

How can gift cards benefit a business?

Gift cards can attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and increase sales. They often lead customers to spend more than the card's value, promoting specific products or services and generating immediate revenue during slower periods.

What are the different types of gift cards a business can offer?

Businesses can offer a range of gift cards, including physical and virtual (e-gift) cards, single-use or reloadable cards, cards with a set monetary value, or cards limited to specific items or a pre-defined selection.

What features are typically offered in a loyalty platform?

A Customer Loyalty Management System offers cross-channel incentives, targeted campaigns, multiple loyalty programs, various reward options like cash back, gift cards, and personalized coupons. Additional features can include business reports, push notifications, and digital customer registration.

What features should a comprehensive Gift Card Management Platform have?

A robust system offers omni-channel options, both physical and virtual card types, the ability to view historical card activity, options for partial payments or using multiple cards, linking gift cards to loyalty programs, and providing detailed business reports.

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