Construction ERP Software

Priority’s construction ERP software is an integrated end-to-end solution designed to manage construction companies’ needs all on a single platform. Spend less time planning and more time doing with complete visibility and control over your construction operations.

Construction Erp Software

Build profitability

Priority’s Construction ERP is an end-to-end solution designed to manage the needs of construction companies. Automating and streamlining your processes with integrated tools, including financials, budgeting, cost control, subcontractor management, bidding, contracts and more. A construction ERP solution that allows you to manage your construction project from start to finish, with powerful, real-time insights of your operations.

Anywhere, anytime connectivity

Priority’s Construction ERP software seamlessly connects your back office to your teams on site, with advanced cloud-based ERP solutions and mobile apps, so that your contract managers and quantity surveyors can input and retrieve project data while they work – from anywhere, at any time.

Anywhere, Anytime Connectivity

End-to-end construction project management

Manage your entire inventory, get alerts on cost overruns, and manage your entire construction project from start to finish, with real-time insights of your operations. Automate, simplify and streamline your processes with integrated tools, including financials, budgeting and cost control, subcontractor management, bidding, contracts, commercial property management, and more.

End-To-End Construction Project Management
A Construction Management Solution Built For Success

A construction management solution built for success

  • Manage complex construction projects on time and on budget
  • Manage data from multiple sources on a single platform to achieve more efficient data-driven planning
  • Optimize and control materials, subcontractors, construction sites, and costs all in one place.
  • Enhance information flow across your business to improve operations flow
  • Seamlessly connect your back office to on-site teams with advanced mobile apps
  • Manage inventory, get alerts on cost overruns, and manage projects from start to finish with real-time insights and recommendations.
  • Automate and simplify processes with integrated ERP tools, including budgeting and cost control, contracts, property management, and more
  • Achieve higher value and reduced material and labor costs by tracking and automating processes

Key features

Generate real-time reports
Contract management
Subcontractor control
Budget & costing
Commercial & real-estate
Change requests

Generate real-time reports

Easily view and access all of your business data in real-time, and generate a range of automated reports to help you better manage and control your project workflows, including financial reports to manage Profit and Loss, balance sheets, cash flow, raw materials inventory, project planning and tracking, subcontractors, customers, and more.

Generate Real-Time Reports

Contract management

Manage contractual relationships between your company and your customers, including a comprehensive billing and collections process, enabling you to manage and control budgets, and actual costs versus contractual obligations, with measurable insights into your entire sales operations and revenues.

Contract Management

Subcontractor control

Create and manage subcontractor agreements, including SOWs, assign projects to subcontractors and track their progression and costs, and control the receipt and delivery of raw materials, products or services based on contractual obligations. Monitor and track subcontractors on single or multiple projects, and on multiple sites.

Subcontractor Control

Budget & costing

Generate project budgets, with the ability to closely monitor and track project costs and profitability. Create detailed budget and costing based on real-time operational and financial data integrated into the system. Priority’s budget management module enables you to manage your entire strategic, operational and financial planning by creating a budget to suit your company vision, and your real-time operational needs.

Commercial & real-estate

All the tools you need to efficiently manage commercial property sales, financials, and administration, including real-estate purchasing and rental processes. Create and manage all commercial and real-estate projects, including business entity, lot and location, rental units, rental space, and more.

Commercial &Amp; Real-Estate

Change requests

Manage your projects from start to finish with customer change requests seamlessly integrated into Priority ERP, from change management and project planning, through resource management, to actual delivery of raw materials, end-products, and services.

Change Requests


Priority’s bid process management gives you the tools you need to create and register an RFQ, and translate it into a complete set of customer requirements, including price quote version control. Priority’s built-in BPM module categorizes these requirements, giving you a multi-level view of your RFQ and its components, to facilitate a fast, accurate, and end-to-end bid creation and management process.


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How is ERP used in construction?

An ERP system can help companies track all the sub-contractors, materials, and workers on a project. This ultimately gives you more control over projects and the ability to see where they’re at exactly. It can help ensure that the job will be profitable rather than loss-making.

What ERP modules are usually used in construction?

ERPs offer integrated business management software solutions that provide a powerful combination of tools to help constructors run their operations more efficiently and profitably while reducing costs and risks. Modules such as Project management, Financials, Human resources, Risk management, Contractor and sub-contractor management, Document management, and Inventory management are usually highly adopted in the construction industry.

What are the advantages of using an ERP for construction?

ERPs for construction companies can offer an array of benefits, including the elimination of manual time-consuming as well as labor processes and better control expenditures for raw materials, employees, and other resources, reduced IT costs, get rid of unnecessary downtime. They also support the deployment of IoT and other technology trends.

Why should I use an ERP for my construction business?

ERPs for construction are designed specifically for managing the business processes of the construction sector. This can include site management, costing, procurement and invoicing, document management, and job tracking, creating by working with a niche provider with real industry experience. The ability to customize capabilities enables you to benefit from a solution tailored specifically to your business requirements.

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