Channel Manager

Amplify your hotel’s visibility.

Channel Manager

Maximize your reach and revenue with an advanced hotel Channel Manager

By connecting to major online travel agencies such as Expedia and, as well as being a premier Booking Partner, Optima allows you to increase your property’s exposure and revenue. Not only that, but you can also connect with local agents for domestic tourism, implement a branded booking engine on your hotel’s website, and connect with additional channel managers to expand your reach even further. Optima’s Channel Manager allows you to synchronize your reservations calendar, easily adjust rates and restrictions, analyze reservations segmentation and make data-driven decisions to further boost your revenue.

Eliminate booking errors and maximize revenue

The channel manager streamlines the booking process with real-time reservation chart updates, automation rules, and limitless updates across multiple channels, reducing the risk of double bookings, prevents discrepancies, and ensuring every available room is sold.

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Never miss a reservation

The Channel Manager seamlessly integrates into your reservation management system, updating your room inventory and price list in real-time to reflect new occupancy conditions. This ensures that every reservation that enters the hotel is immediately accounted for and up-to-date on all channels. With this integration, you’ll never miss a reservation and can confidently manage your property’s occupancy levels.

Never Miss A Reservation

Seamless channel distribution

Effortlessly expand your reach by selling through multiple booking portals and distributing your rooms across an unlimited number of sales channels, allowing your property to gain wider exposure and attract more customers, leading to increased bookings and revenue

Improve staff efficiency

The system’s reliability and automation rules increase team efficiency by streamlining the booking process and reducing errors, freeing up your staff’s time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Improve Staff Efficiency

Key features

  • Real-time integration with leading international sales channels for online bookings.
  • Ability to sync entire or partial listings.
  • Deep system integration capabilities between Optima and sales channels for seamless operations.
  • Automated portal configuration for real-time channel management.
  • Real-time dashboard for simple and effective reporting.
  • 2-way OTA connections with pooled inventory for accurate availability.
  • Accessible from anywhere and by anyone for easy management.
  • Wide range of global online distribution channels for maximum exposure.

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