Hospitality Management

Next-Gen Property Management Software

Say goodbye to disparate systems and hello to unified, guest-centric hotel management, from the front desk to the back office.

Hospitality Management

Redefine traditional hospitality management

The Priority Hospitality Management Suite provides a comprehensive range of solutions and automation tools to assist hoteliers in unlocking the full potential of their properties. With unparalleled flexibility and seamless integration with existing tech ecosystems, the Priority platform empowers property managers with the necessary tools to cover all aspects of property management operations, from A to Z.

Take your property to the next level with Optima PMS

Simplify your daily operations with cutting-edge all-in-one PMS solution and easily manage and automate everything from reservations and inventory to guest communications. Free up valuable time and resources to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional guest experiences.

Boost Your Revenue with Direct Bookings

Optima by Priority empowers property managers and hoteliers with a seamless booking experience for their guests, reducing reliance on third-party booking sites. By taking control of their booking process, hoteliers can ensure a more convenient and cost-effective experience for their guests, while increasing their bottom line.

Boost Your Revenue With Direct Bookings

Maximize your reach

By connecting to major online travel agencies such as Expedia and, Priority allows you to increase your property’s exposure and revenue. Not only that, but you can also connect with local tourism agents, implement a branded booking engine on your hotel’s website, and connect with channel managers to expand your reach even further. Optima allows you to synchronize your reservations calendar, easily adjust rates and restrictions, analyze reservations segmentation and make data-driven decisions to further boost your revenue.

Maximize Your Reach

Improved guests' experience

Optima’s comprehensive approach to front office management doesn’t just benefit hotel managers—it also improves the guest experience. With Optima, hotel staff can work more efficiently, reducing wait times and improving service quality. This translates to a better overall experience for hotel guests, who will appreciate the improved working process in different departments.

Improved Guests' Experience

Hospitality Management Solutions

Elevate your hotel's operations to the next level with Priority's all-in-one suite of Property management solutions. Our comprehensive set of tools enables seamless management of all hospitality aspects, from reservations and customer service to spa, events, food and beverage, and more, simplifying everyday administrative tasks and enhancing your property's overall profitability.

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