Electronics ERP

Grow your electronics business from development and engineering to fully compliant end-products delivered to your customer’s door, on time and on budget.

Electronics Erp

Floor-to-door production management

Priority cloud ERP for electronics manufacturers is a fully integrated, end-to-end management solution leveraging real-time visibility into the supply chain, streamlining business processes, and automating the entire electronics manufacturing process. From production planning and manufacturing execution to supply chain management, finance and accounting, by enabling companies to make informed, data-driven decisions and drive efficiency, Priority ERP helps reduce costs and increase profitability, allowing electronics manufacturers to get their products out to the market faster.

End-to-end electronics manufacturing management

Priority ERP for Electronics Manufacturers offers robust production planning tools, end-to-end manufacturing management, compliance and quality assurance, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, and more.

End-To-End Electronics Manufacturing Management

Light up the room with full product line visibility

Benefit from fully-integrated views and comprehensive product line visibility, from engineering to production, with real-time alerts at every stage in the process.

Light Up The Room With Full Product Line Visibility
Your Competitive Edge With Priority Erp For Electronics

Your competitive edge with Priority Erp for Electronics

  • Shorten your product lifecycle with robust management tools.
  • Benefit from product line visibility, from engineering to production, with real-time alerts at every stage in the process.
  • Increased efficiency by production flow monitoring and tracking.
  • Reduce human errors and improve manufacturing quality by automating processes.
  • Boost traceability of manufactured products, orders and more
  • Analyze production discrepancy
  • Optimize inventory level to meet the requirement and avoid excess inventory.
  • Enhanced collaboration among different teams and departments, breaking down silos and improving the flow of information.

Key Features

Material Requirements Planning
Inventory & Supply Chain Management
ECO Management & Revision Control
Engineering Change Orders
Quality & Compliance
Finance & Accounting

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Plan your purchasing and production processes accurately across all your facilities based on system recommendations to optimize your stock levels, meet time-to-market and increase customer satisfaction. Get automatic calculation of required quantities based on various data sources, such as forecasts, orders, safety stock, current stock, lead time, and WIP.

Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Effectively manage and control your entire supply chain with automated processes, including shop floor control, batch control/tracking and multiple distribution channels, complete visibility of your raw materials and inventory, and managing perishable raw materials and end-products with limited shelf-life. Priority ERP includes advanced tracking and traceability tools to ensure your products are safely stored and transported at the correct temperatures in controlled and compliant environments.

ECO Management & Revision Control

Priority’s ECO management, combined with tight revision control, delivers an immediate response to market demands, government requirements, safety issues, and service, functional and competitive requirements in your manufacturing process. Our robust and reliable ECO management tools optimize, organize, and track your complete revision control and approval process.

Engineering Change Orders

Manage engineering changes of parts and BOMs. Easily document change details, dates, parts that have been affected, and more. The ECO module allows you to integrate part and BOM revisions to engineering changes, while Priority’s system tracks revisions affected by the change, as well as work orders opened in accordance with the revisions.

Engineering Change Orders

Quality & Compliance

Secure and maintain QA and compliance in your workflow with real-time inspection analysis throughout your manufacturing and receiving processes, including full traceability, document management, Priority’s built-in Business Process Management (BPM) tool, and more.

Finance & Accounting

Gain and maintain control of your manufacturing project budget with advanced tools, including accounts receivable/accounts payable, time & attendance, and comprehensive cost management, including job cost, and standard/actual cost, end-to-end budget management, profit centers, and multi-currency and multi-company capabilities

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How can an ERP benefit electronics companies?

An ERP can help companies in the electronics industry manage and optimize their operations, from production planning and supply chain management to financials and customer relationship management. By providing a single, integrated platform for managing all of these processes, ERP helps companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve competitiveness.

How does ERP help electronics companies manage their supply chain?

ERP helps electronics companies manage their supply chain by providing real-time visibility into all aspects of the process, from supplier management to inventory tracking to order fulfillment. This enables companies to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and make more informed decisions about allocating resources.

What features should I look for in an ERP solution for my electronics company?

Some key features to look for in an ERP solution for electronics companies include the ability to manage the entire product lifecycle, real-time visibility into the supply chain, automation of complex processes and workflows, and tools for financial management and customer relationship management.

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