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Cellular, Electronics &Amp; Computers

Upgrade your Electronics Sales Growth Strategy

Priority’s state-of-the-art Retail Management System offers dynamic mobile point-of-sale (POS) and self-service kiosk applications that enable seamless temporary or seasonal pop-up store setups. Ensure seamless integration with your central system for accurate cellular, electronics and computer inventory management, price tracking and sales. Implement customized retail promotional schemes, such as cross-sales, upsells, personalized discounts, and exclusive offers to improve customer retention and spending, attract new customers, and increase customer loyalty and engagement to maximize store profitability. Priority RMS effectively coordinates with the Retail Vendor Management module to ensure smooth operations for items that require delivery by third parties.

Manage vendor rebate agreements and automate rebate processes

Effortlessly manage electronics vendor rebate agreements while automating rebate requests and reconciliation processes.
Tailored to meet the unique requirements of each vendor, Priority allows for various rebate formulas and handles periodical reconciliations with precision. Additionally, you can configure individual contracts for specific vendors, merchandise, periods, transactions, and even specific shops or marketing campaigns, enhancing your retail contract management capabilities.
Upon approval of a rebate, an invoice is immediately issued. This updates the actual cost of the items, ensuring accurate retail revenue and margin reports for retail financial management optimization.

Advanced omnichannel & headless commerce solution for tech retailers

Priority’s innovative headless commerce engine delivers a consistent multi-channel retail experience across multiple customer touchpoints. It seamlessly applies the same promotions, pricing, loyalty points and redemption options across all customer interaction interfaces, including mobile apps, self service kiosks, online stores, POS at the brick-and-mortar stores and more. This makes it easy to integrate and connect different shopping channels, ensuring customers receive consistent promotions, loyalty points and inventory information no matter where they shop, enhancing omnichannel customer engagement.

Optimize Cellular, Electronics & Computers retail order management logistics

Priority’s retail order management module helps cellular, electronics & computers retailers efficiently process various types of orders: online orders, in-store orders, layaway orders, and replenishment orders.

The system supports multi-source order processing, allowing retailers to fulfill an order composed of various purchase orders from multiple vendors.

Designed to support multi-warehouse operations, the module supports special custom items orders and offers flexible delivery options including preferred delivery location, curbside or in-store pickup, effectively handling the diverse and complex logistic requirements of cellular, electronics & computers retail order fulfillment.

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