OneCore Full Cart Mode

eCommerce made simple

Onecore Full Cart Mode

Manage your eCommerce channels as with any store

In this mode, the Priority system maintains all business information, such as prices, items, inventory, loyalty plans, promotions, and more. All channels, including web stores, constantly communicate with the OneCore omnichannel engine to access updated information.

When online orders are processed through the engine, it calculates promotions, discounts, and loyalty rewards just as it does for any other channel, creating a true omni-channel experience for the customer. With this mode, retailers can operate and manage their eCommerce activity just as they would with any other store.

True omnichannel experience

  • Get real-time visibility and control of your business across all sales channels and touchpoints
  • Deliver a truly exceptional omni-channel experience. Let your customers the freedom to choose when, where and how they want to shop your products, provide them with real-time stock availability information, and seamlessly grant promotions, special offers and rewards to customers performing online orders.
Crm Lead Management

Drive online growth

  • Keep up with emerging eCommerce trends
  • Increase sales by modifying your sales strategies, avoid keeping expired inventory or face shortage of products
  • Get a better control of your business by gaining real-time visibility of your current stock in any location

Meet customer expectations

Adopt convenient, hybrid omni-channel shopping models and ensure the customer receives an optimized shopping cart experience.



Buy online, pickup in-store



Buy online, pickup at curbside



Buy online, return in-store

Improve operational efficiency

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Eliminate duplicate data entry and manual data configurations

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Save time, efforts and resources by reducing repetitive and tedious work


Reduce the risk of human errors and fraud

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