eCommerce Retail Management Integration

Bridge the gap between online and offline retailing.

Ecommerce Retail Management Integration

eCommerce engine

The key to a cohesive shopping experience across all channels

The Priority eCommerce engine seamlessly integrates with web stores and online marketplaces while also connecting Brick-and-mortar stores to web stores to create a cohesive shopping experience. This ensures that customers receive the same experience, promotions, loyalty, and stock information regardless of their shopping location.

The system provides two eCommerce integration modes for retailers to manage online orders using their existing system capabilities, just like any other sales channel:

OneCore Full Cart mode

Seamless omnichannel integration

In this mode, the Priority system maintains all business information, such as prices, items, inventory, loyalty plans, promotions, and more. All channels, including web stores, constantly communicate with the OneCore omni-channel engine to access updated information. When online orders are processed through the engine, it calculates promotions, discounts, and loyalty rewards just as it does for any other channel, creating a true omni-channel experience for the customer.

With this mode, retailers can operate and manage their eCommerce activity just as they would with any other store.

OneCore Data mode

Efficient eCommerce integration

In the “OneCore Data” mode, the eCommerce platform manages all calculations and data manipulations before sending the information to the Priority system. The OneCore omnichannel engine acts as an ETL tool and transfers web orders to the system’s database. Once the information is stored in the system, authorized users can access and view it within the Head-Office module.

Comparing OneCore Full Cart and OneCore Data

Capability OneCore full cart OneCore data
Import item catalog Check Check
Import price list Check Check
Import inventory data Check Check
Apply omni-channel promotions Check
Register transactions in Head-Office Check Check
Transaction is recognized in physical stores Check
Register 3rd party payments Check
Receive direct payments (OnePay) Check
Associate customers to loyalty programs Check
Reward points accumulation benefits and special offers Check

Priority out-of-the-box pre-integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento):

Magento’s flexible open-source eCommerce platform is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for businesses, with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Using Priority’s out-of-the-box integration with Magento, you can align your eCommerce shopping cart with your other sales channels and take advantage of Priority’s extended cart capabilities.

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What is ECommerce Integration in Retail Management?

ECommerce Integration is the process of connecting online shopping platforms with other business systems to ensure a unified and consistent shopping experience across various channels. eCommerce Integration in a Retail Management seamlessly integrates the back office systems with web stores and online marketplaces and connecting physical stores to online platforms. This ensures a consistent shopping experience across all channels, with the same promotions, loyalty programs, and stock information available to customers.

How can an eCommerce system integrate with popular online platforms?

Many eCommerce systems offer pre-integration with popular online platforms, allowing businesses to align their online shopping carts with other sales channels and take advantage of extended cart capabilities. Priority offers out-of-the-box pre-integration with popular open-source eCommerce platforms. This integration allows businesses to align their eCommerce shopping cart with other sales channels and leverage Priority’s extended cart capabilities.

How does eCommerce integration enhance the customer experience?

ECommerce integration provides customers with consistent information, promotions, and loyalty programs, whether they shop online or in physical stores. It ensures that customers have a smooth and unified shopping journey.

How can integrating different online platforms benefit a business?

Integration streamlines operations, reduces manual data entry, ensures consistent information across platforms, and enhances the overall customer experience.

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