POS Back Office Retail Solution

Transform Your In-store Experience

Pos Back Office Retail Solution

Revolutionize your customer's shopping experience

Priority POS & Back-Office software solutions offer a variety of cutting-edge commerce channels that enable you to provide your customers with a genuine omni-channel experience across various touch points, whether online or in-store. By integrating all of these channels into a single, unified database, you can effortlessly expand your brand across multiple regions and territories, adding web stores, remote outlets, pop-up stores, brick and mortar stores, and intelligent self-checkout solutions whenever you need to.

Take advantage of Priority unified commerce solutions


Elevate your customers experience: deliver a seamless omni-channel experience

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Faster checkout, happier customers: reduce overcrowding and improve checkout efficiency


Payment made easy- accept transactions anywhere with our mobile POS solutions

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Streamline and manage your store back-office operations


Accept and release stock items anywhere in the store

Priority POS

Transform your store management with Priority POS - The complete Point-of-Sale solution

Introducing Priority POS, the ultimate point-of-sale solution designed with cashiers in mind. With privilege-controlled back-office functionality, our solution provides everything you need to efficiently manage the day-to-day operation of your store, both on the store floor and in the back-office.


All-In-One store management solution: on a tablet

TPOS is the ultimate mobile POS solution built for cashiers and store staff. With TPOS’s client-server architecture, you can run the POS software on any device using Android, iOS, or Windows operating systems, such as a tablet or smartphone, for maximum flexibility and convenience.



Streamline sales with QPOS - your all-in-one mobile POS solution

QPOS, the ultimate all-in-one mobile POS solution designed for sales representatives and store staff, provides everything you need to enhance your retail performance, bust queues, and streamline your sales processes.


Self service kiosk

Maximize customer satisfaction with smart self-checkout solutions

Save time and reduce store overcrowding with smart self-checkout solutions. Our smart self-checkout kiosks provide a quick, convenient, and efficient way for customers to scan and pay for their purchases while helping retailers to reduce store overcrowding and labour costs.

The solution is perfect for businesses looking to improve their operations and provide a more efficient, convenient, and satisfying customer checkout experience.

Mobile back office

Our Mobile Back Office application is a dedicated and user-friendly mobile solution designed specifically for storekeepers and staff. With our innovative app, users can easily receive and release stock items from anywhere within the store, regardless of the location of the cash register.

This streamlined solution allows for greater flexibility and mobility in inventory management and empowers users to manage their inventory on the go, saving time and increasing operational efficiency. Say goodbye to manual stocktaking and welcome a more efficient and reliable way to manage inventory from anywhere with our Mobile Back Office application.

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