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Introducing Priority POS, the ultimate point-of-sale solution designed with cashiers in mind. With privilege-controlled back-office functionality, our solution provides everything you need to efficiently manage the day-to-day operation of your store, both on the store floor and in the back-office.

Item catalog

Access your entire item catalog, view item specifications, and check item availability across all chain stores directly from your POS terminal, streamlining your inventory management process and enhancing your operations.

Full customer view

Gain a comprehensive view of your customers’ information, including price lists, club memberships, loyalty points balance, and more, enabling you to provide a personalized and efficient customer experience that promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Full Customer View

Employee management

Easily create and update employee profiles at the store level, for basic HR functionality that streamlines your operations and enhances your HR processes.

Inventory control

Perform inventory intake and transfer goods between stores easily and efficiently, ensuring that your stock levels are always accurate and up to date.

Inventory Control
E-mail interface
Employee & Store Rating
Employee & Store Rating
Payment Processing in Offline Mode

POS Reporting Optimization

Generate sales, inventory, and sales target reports directly from your POS, giving you the information you need to make informed business decisions and optimize your retail performance.

Pos Reporting Optimization

POS Internal Communication

Generate sales, inventory, and sales target reports directly from your POS, giving you the information you need to make informed business decisions and optimize your retail performance.

Attendance Reporting System

Manage your employee attendance with our attendance reporting feature, providing a time and attendance functionality that enables store managers to easily control their employees’ attendance, streamlining operations and enhancing workforce management.

Attendance Reporting System

Sales Target Management

This feature allows you to set sales targets, motivate employees and manage competitions between store employees and/or different stores within the chain, and analyze and compare sales performance.

Sales Target Management

Performance Tracking System

Effortlessly track and evaluate employee and store performance. This feature allows managers to view individual employee and store performance and compare it with their peers in the store or chain, providing valuable insights that can be used to optimize retail operations and enhance workforce management.

Performance Tracking System

Offline Payment Sync

Allowing you to process payments even when offline while ensuring business continuity. All data is automatically synced as soon as connectivity is restored, minimizing disruptions and optimizing your retail operations.

Offline Payment Sync


What is a POS System in Retail Management?

A POS (Point-of-Sale) System in Retail Management is a digital platform that facilitates sales transactions, inventory management, customer interactions, and other essential retail operations, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

How does a POS system streamline inventory processes?

A POS system provides real-time updates on stock levels, automates inventory tracking, and offers insights into sales trends. This helps retailers maintain optimal stock levels, reduce overstock or stockouts, and make informed purchasing decisions.

What benefits do customers gain from an advanced POS system?

Customers benefit from faster checkouts, personalized promotions, loyalty program integrations, and a consistent shopping experience across various channels, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

How can retailers leverage POS data for business growth?

POS data provides insights into sales trends, customer preferences, and inventory turnover. Retailers can analyze this data to identify best-selling products, optimize pricing strategies, and tailor marketing campaigns to target specific customer segments.

Why is employee management crucial in a POS system?

Effective employee management in a POS system ensures that staff can access the necessary tools and information to serve customers efficiently. It also allows managers to monitor employee performance, schedule shifts, and provide training as needed.

How do modern POS systems support omnichannel retailing?

Modern POS systems integrate with online platforms, mobile apps, and other sales channels, ensuring a unified shopping experience. This integration allows for real-time inventory updates, consistent pricing, and promotions across all touchpoints.

What security features are essential in a POS system?

A secure POS system should offer encrypted transactions, fraud detection, secure user authentication, and regular software updates to protect against potential threats and ensure the safety of both business and customer data.

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