Sporting Goods

All-in-one Retail management system, POS and ERP for sports goods

Sporting Goods

Sport the ultimate retail play with Priority's omnichannel system

Priority retail management software offers a range of features for comprehensive, unifies sporting goods retail stores management. Quickly set up pop-up stores and remote outlets with self-service kiosks, and process payments on the go with Priority’s mobile POS. Create enticing personalized offers, discounts, and upsell opportunities to motivate customers to increase their purchases. Offer branded gift cards, and amplify store traffic, customer spending, and overall revenue. Equip your sporting goods business with the tools for omnichannel success and watch your enterprise sprint ahead of the competition.

Peak sports equipment sales with priority's customer loyalty management

Implement a customized customer retention strategy with an innovative, rule-based dynamic segmentation logic that automatically categorizes shoppers, allowing you to offer custom rewards, exclusive discounts, and unique incentives for various customer types, from adventure seekers to fitness enthusiasts.
Effortlessly launch omnichannel loyalty campaigns to foster a dedicated community around your sporting brand and accelerate your revenue growth.”

Pace for the win with omnichannel sports equipment retail

Priority’s advanced headless commerce engine is designed to ensure a seamless, consistent customer journey across all touchpoints. Whether your customers are checking out the latest gear through mobile apps, self-service kiosks, online storefronts, or POS systems in your physical stores. Deliver real-time pricing, and uniform promotions, loyalty rewards, and redemption options across the board.

Power smart decision making with priority's custom retail reports

Priority offers a powerful solution for creating smart, customized reports that incorporate data from diverse modules and areas within the Sports equipment store’s ERP system to meet unique business needs of the sporting goods retail industry, and facilitate informed, data-driven decision-making based on seasonal sales, product performance, inventory turnover, customer purchase behavior, profit margins, store performance comparison, loyalty program effectiveness, return and refund, and market basket analyses, and more.
Priority supports multi-company reports configuration, and allows users to apply sophisticated report settings (grouping, sorting and organizing data, aggregative calculations on columns, and incorporating expression columns) and seamlessly share insights within the organization to empower informed decision making crucial for your niche market.

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